That One

Meghan Luton is out of school and has made some money. She moved to the rich neighborhood. It seems the neighborhood is all guys.... She doesn't know why and hopes she meets one. She is single and wanting a boyfriend. But when she is unpacking will she open the door and faint? At her door is Louis Tomlinson!


6. Falling

    Ok I just realized that when me and Lou. Had it. That was just playing around. I wish I didn't do it! But I was stupid and did. Kenny was on the bed! What if she saw us? What if she did but doesn't want to say? What if she....

    I pulled on Louis' arms. I dragged him the bedroom. "Hey it's about when we..." He freaked out. "Shit! No!" He whispered. "No I'm not pregnant! I wanted to say that, that was a mistake." I said looking down then saw his face. "I was a little crazy then it just happened." He smiled. "I know and don't worry it's fine."

  He started to walk out the door. "Can I tell you something?" I asked. He turned around and kissed my lips. "Sorry babe gotta go, love you." He walked out the door as I sighed. I looked over at Kendal. "Where did daddy go?" She asked. "Some stuff with his friends." I hugged her and picked her up. "What do you want to do today?" I asked she smiled. "Go see daddy!" She yelled.

    I grabbed her hand and we walked out of the door. "Mommy! Where are we going?" She asked. I smiled I love when she says mommy. "We are going to see a movie." She smiled. "Yay!" We walked to the movie theater. "Mommy look!" She yelled. I looked where she was pointing. "That's Sierra my friend!" I smiled. "Let's go say hi." She walked over there.

    "Hi Sierra!" She yelled. "Hello Kendal Luton." She said meanly. "This is my mommy!" She yelled. "Can you shut your mouth?" She asked. Her mom looked at me. "Your child is too old to say mommy." She said. She was about to walk away but I hit her. "You don't talk to me and my child like that." I said. "And what if I do?" She got in my face. "Go ahead and find what fucking happens." I yelled at her. "You......." She turned around. "Bye Sierra!" She yelled. "Kendal you never say hi to her again." I said.

    The movie was not that good. We walked home. When we got there I opened the door. "Lou? Are you home?" I yelled. "Yes! I'm in the bathroom!" He yelled back. "Daddy! Hurry up!" Kenny yelled. Louis came running to us. He picked up Kendal. "So what did you want to tell me today?" He asked. I blushed. "Um, when we had it..... I was just stupid. Now." I sighed. "I really like you." I said smiling. "Your a great dad, a great boyfriend, a good friend, comedian."

    He set down Kendal and kissed my lips. "Daddy it's Niall.": Kendal said pointing. He looked and saw Niall pretending to be making out with someone. "Loser." He said under his breath. I smiled He let him in.  "Hey you love birds! Paul is having a meeting at his place." He said sighing. "Ok thanks Nialler." Louis said waving.


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