That One

Meghan Luton is out of school and has made some money. She moved to the rich neighborhood. It seems the neighborhood is all guys.... She doesn't know why and hopes she meets one. She is single and wanting a boyfriend. But when she is unpacking will she open the door and faint? At her door is Louis Tomlinson!


4. Daddy....

   Me and Louis kissed on the couch. "Luke isn't anything." I said. "I got him arrested." Louis said I smiled.I checked my cell. 'mom hey um ur dad wants to see u!' I smiled. 'come on over !' I was so happy. "Lou my dad is coming over and don't worry!" I yelled and he looked at me. "I'm not good at meeting parents..." He said and I smiled."Don't worry Kendal's not even yours." I smiled. "Luke better worry."

    Someone knocked on the door and Louis answered it. "Ello sir, I'm Louis." He smiled and held out his hand. "Nice to meet you Louis I'm John." I walked to thhe door and hugged him. "Daddy.... This is Kendal." I handed her to daddy. "I'm Kenny!" She yelled. "Hello Kenny I'm papa." She giggled. "Papa wanna see my room?" She asked. "Oh! I would love to!" He set her down.

    She grabbed his hand and showed him her room. "This is DeeDro and Fetchup!" I heard her yell. I looked into the room and saw him playing with her toys. "Who is this?" He asked holding up a boy. "That's daddy!" She yelled. "Daddy!" She yelled. Louis got up. "Be right back." He walked to her. I smiled and looked at my mom. "I like him." She said and I blushed.

    "Bye!" Me and Kendal yelled. "Bye nana and papa!" I yelled to help Kenny. "Bye Mrs. and Mr. Futon!" Louis yelled. We closed the door as they drove off. I kissed his lips. "I was about to have a heart attack." I said looking into Louis' eyes. "About what?" He asked. I blushed. "Not kissing you for 3 hours." I hugged him. "Stay with me today." I smiled and looked at him.

    We decided to go to the beach with Kendal. It was only five. We drove there and Kenny fell asleep. Once we got there Kenny was so excited! "Mommy mommy are we going in there?" She asked. "Well I don't know....." I said teasing her. "Mommy let's go!" Louis yelled and I giggled. "Fine you two children!" I yelled and we all ran holding hands.

    "Mommy!" Kendal yelled and I saw she was struggling. Louis saw her too. He picked her up and carried her. "Mommy can I tell you something?" She asked. I took her from Louis and she whispered something in my ear. "Mommy can I call Wouie daddy?" She asked. I smiled. "Of course you can." She giggled and held out her arms to Lou.

    Luke was the old and I loved him very much. But when we were together alone, he'd be rude and mean. In public he would be so kind and generous. Louis is kind everywhere. He has never been mean and rude to me. He is very nice to Kendal. I noticed that my phone on the sand was ringing. I ran to it and clicked accept. "Hey it's me, Luke."

    I froze and Louis ran to me. He took the phone. "Hello?" He asked. "You never call this fucking number ever again." He yelled. "You go talk to your mother that you raped!" Kendal held my hand and sucked on her thumb. Louis hung up. "We have to go home." Louis said grabbing the stuff. We got in the car and drove to a place I don't know.

    "This is my mum's house." He said getting out. "Luke's almost in jail but he's free for a month." He said grabbing Kendal. "We have to stay here for a while." I looked at him like he's crazy. "He is coming for you and Kenny." He said opening the door. "Mum! We have to stay here a while!" He yelled. "Who is we?" The she saw me and Kendal.


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