That One

Meghan Luton is out of school and has made some money. She moved to the rich neighborhood. It seems the neighborhood is all guys.... She doesn't know why and hopes she meets one. She is single and wanting a boyfriend. But when she is unpacking will she open the door and faint? At her door is Louis Tomlinson!


8. A Dream to Hell

    I woke up and looked to my side. It was Kendal. I smiled. I messed with her hair. She is knocked out. I got up and saw Louis on the couch. "You didn't have to sleep on the couch." I said kissing his forhead. He smiled. "I didn't want to move Kendal." I smiled. "You can put her in her bed." He sat up and kissed my lips. "I love you." He whispered. I blushed. "I love you too."

    Kendal came walking in. "Daddy!" She ran to Louis. She wrapped her little arms around him. "Kenny, can mommy and daddy do something today?" I asked. "Yes!" She really likes Niall and Liam. "Uncle NiNi and LiLi said they are going to watch movies with me!" She was jumping up and down. "PWEASE?"

    Kendal is now with Uncle NiNi and LiLi. I smiled when she ran to them. Me and Louis just want some alone time. I want to know more about him. We walked hand in hand into the water. "Winter's almost here Meghan." I looked at him meanly. "Don't call me Meghan anymore, call me Meg!" I yelled I really hate the name Meghan for me.

    We got to the water and it was freezing! I looked at Louis and he was just smiling. "Um! Are you cold?" I asked. He laughed "No!" I smiled. He grabbed my legs and put the around him. "Ah!" I yelled not knowing what he was going to do to me. He kissed my lips. I wrapped my arms around his neck. We walked into the water, I stayed warm from his body heat.

    We got deep into the water which was up to my neck. "Do you trust me?" He asked. I smiled. "Why? What are you going to do?" I yelled. "Do you trust me?" He asked again. "Yes, I guess." Next thing I know I'm under water. He keeps telling me to open my eyes. I finally open them then the water is clear and I see Louis.

    He smiles and comes closer to me. His wet lips touch my wet lips. It was so romantic and cute. Like in one of those movies. He grabbed my hips and lifted me above the water. The sun was going down. He wrapped his arm around me. I heard a faint buzz. It was my cell phone. I looked over at Louis, "That's my phone!" He grabbed me and put me on his back. He ran.

    I got to my phone. "Hello?" I asked. "It's Niall I took my eyes off Kendal for about a minute and I can't find her." He said nervous. "Ok!" I yelled and hung up. I put my shirt over my swimsuit. Me and Louis ran to the car. He drove almost all over the red lights. Once we got to the house I ran inside crying. Niall smiled. "Found her!" He yelled and handed her to me. "Thank you!" I hugged her tight. Then Niall. "Sorry I'm wet." He smiled.

    Me and Louis drove back to the beach. I was stressed but I want to feel better. We got there and I kept my shirt on. Louis grabbed my legs and put them around him. I put my head on his shoulder. He grabbed my head and faced it toward him. "Hey it's alright." I smiled. He kissed my neck. I smiled. "It's not going to help." He smiled at me. "Then what is?" I smiled. "I don't know." He started kissing my lips.

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