Gone With the Wind

Disclaimer: This is based on a true story. But for privacy to the actual characters all the names have been changed. All of the events taking place in this story are based on my personal experience with one of my best relationships.

Miranda is 12, she just started middle school. She isn't really comfortable with talking to people, she is kind of awkward. She sits in the back of class, gets good grades, but doesn't talk much. When the teacher calls on her to answer a question, or read to the class, her face gets red and she starts shaking. She isn't the best at speaking to groups of people. But in her first class of the day, there is a boy. His name is Blake. At first they were only friends, but when Miranda starts to develop feelings for Blake, would anyone know? How long could she keep her secret? What will Blake think? Find out in 'Gone With the Wind'.


1. 1


       It is the first class of the day for Miranda, she is quiet, shy, and pretty much keeps to herself. The teacher begins taking attendance, and she doesn't like to speak in front of people, so when the teacher calls her name she just kind of raised her hand. She looked down, afraid to see anyone looking at her. She felt uncomfortable with people looking at her while she did something.

        After her first class, the day went on pretty smoothly. Soon enough she was in the routine of her schedule. She had always been pretty excited to go to middle school. She was excited to meet new people, make new friends, and have fun. 

         A couple of weeks went by, and soon enough it was Friday night, also the night of the football game at the high school. She was really excited, she was going with her 2 closest friends, Madilynne and Alexandria. As the game went on she saw a boy that went to her school. He was in quite a few of her classes, Lance, was it? Yes, Lance. His eyes were a very dark chocolate brown, he had short blonde hair, and he was pretty funny. Madilynne caught her staring at Lance and chuckled.

        "What?" Miranda asked with a blush creeping up on her cheeks, and an innocent smile on her face.

        "Oh, Miranda, don't act like you weren't staring at the boy over there. You know him?"

        "Yeah, that's Lance. Cute, huh?" Miranda slapped a hand over her mouth, she couldn't believe she just admitted that. She was really blushing now.

        "Oh, Miranda, you're blushing! Just ask him out! It's obvious you like him."

        "But isn't it weird for a girl to ask out a guy?"

        "No. Here give me your iPod, I'll write in the note asking him if he'll go out with you and say it's from you, but that you're too shy to give it to him yourself. Okay?"

        "I suppose. Here." Miranda said handing Madilynne her iPod. She was really getting nervous now. Madilynne was soon walking towards Lance. Madilynne and Lance stood there for a second talking, and Madilynne came back to Miranda.

        "He said to let him think about it. He said he'll tell you Monday at school."



        Soon enough the football game ended and Miranda, Madilynne, and Alexandria all headed to Alexandria's house for an exciting girls night. 

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