Bad For You.

Angel is a shy teenage girl that lives at a small town in England. Studying hard to please her parents with good grades, never staying up late except the weekends where she would be hanging out with her one and only best friend Sam. Her long brown hair always falling in messy waves down her back and her big green eyes hidden in the books that she constantly reads. Her life is normal until one day she meets this guy named Harry. He enters her normal life and shows her what fun means and shows her what true love feels like. But, he also shows her how it feels to really be hurt


1. Chapter 1

chapter 1

  Angel is currently sitting on her bed her long hair pulled up in a messy bun on the top of her head as she has her Purple pajamas on her legs cross Indian style as her green eyes were digging in the book she is reading. A few rain drops tapped on her window making her frown slightly, she lifted her head up and looked outside a small smile forming on her lips. She closed the book, placing a pencil at the page she stopped so she doesn’t miss it and slowly gets up from her comfy bed walking to her window. She leaned her body against the frame as she looked outside to the pouring rain she opened slightly her window and took in the lovely smell of rain. She smiled and closed her eyes as she did that and then slowly opened them again but a slight frown formed on her face when she saw a tall dark figure to the house exactly opposite of hers. It was abandoned for years so she immediately thought that he is the new guy around here. Her eyes were locked on him for a little bit before sighing deeply while closing her window once again. She kept her eyes on him for a few more seconds before closing her light pink curtains stopping the moonlight from lighting up her room. She slid under the covers and placed her book at the bedside table before slowly closing her eyes as she drifted to sleep.

  The next morning came quickly, making her alarm ring signaling her that she had to wake up and go for her morning run. She yawned and stretched rubbing her eyes before sitting up. She got up lazily walking to her closet pulling on some leggings and a t-shirt with a jacket over it. She  put her running shoes on and headed to the bathroom washing her face and brushing her teeth before pulling her hair up in a high ponytail before heading downstairs. She got outside and plugged her headphones in before she started running. On her way back home she saw the new guy outside his house so she took the chance to eye him up and down slowly. As she did that his green orbs  met her green ones making her feel a bit embarrassed that she got coughed. He winked at her making her cheeks flash bright red and rush inside.

  Once she got inside she leaned her back against the wooden door and closed her eyes as she let out a breath she didn’t know she was holding in. “Honey are you alright?” Angel heard her mother ask softly. She fluttered her eyes open and snapped her head to her mother’s direction “uh, yes I’m going to take a shower” she smiled before pushing her back off the door. She ran up the stairs and in the bathroom, quickly undressing herself. She turned up the water and made sure it was at the right temperature before hopping in careful not to wet her hair. She closed her eyes as she let the hot water run down her body making her muscles relax and without realizing her thoughts travelled back to the new stranger that moved in.

  She sighed deeply before turning the water off and wrapped a towel around her small body and another one around her wet hair. She walked in her bedroom and changed in some sweatpants and a t-shirt. She stood in front of her mirror and started brushing her hair while looking in the mirror as it reflected her every movement. Once she was done she grabbed the book she was reading and started reading again her eyes digging in the book. As the room was quiet a slight frown formed on her face as she was reading the best part so far but her phone rang breaking the magic of her book taking her away from reality. She let out a groan and looked at the screen seeing her best friend’s name. She smiled and answered “Hey Sam” she squealed and the brunette girl from the other end of the line smiled wide “Hey gurl” she squealed as well making Angel let out a giggle “What’s up?” Angel asked as she laid down on her comfy bed. “well, nothing much just be ready for Tristan’s party tonight at eight alright?” Sam asked making Angel’s eyes widen “W-wait i-I..” she started to say but was cut off by Sam “Great then see you at eight” Sam smirked “B-but…” Angel started to say but she was once again cut off but this time by the line going dead.

  You see, Angel and Sam are best friends, inseparable. But they are the exact opposites. On the one hand Sam is outgoing, always at the best parties, loud and she always gets in trouble but on the other we have Angel, the girl that is a bookworm, rarely going to parties or going out and is really shy. 

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