Rina Forest was a ordinary girl. she was off to a college far away from her boyfriend and family. When she meets the confusing, insecure, Niall Horan will she stay with her boyfriend, all she can do with him is share a phone call. Niall Horan may be a jerk but is there a sweet side? Read to find out this Niall Horan fan-fiction today!


9. Vulerable

Rina's POV

     Zayn ran into the room in a panic and i ask, "whats wrong?" He then says, "Rosy is going to have sex with Niall, we cant let this happen, its time to reveal your alive." I smile with excitment and I ask, "when?" Louis walks in and says, "Now." We drive to Nialls house, and i'm all excited i wonder what Niall will do, he'll probabaly hate me forever for making him hurt that much. The reason why Zayn knows whats going on is cause Rosy still thinks all three of them are on her side so she texts them everything. A little awkward if its my opinion. We're almost there!" 

Rosy POV

I walk inside with Niall and we lay on couch, kissing eachothers necks and lips with such wonderful harmony, we moan and groan and synthesis it together. Right before he takes another step the door slams open. 

Rina POV

I see them in the window and it makes me so mad I kick the door open. They both jump up from their fricking position and Niall face gets pale, his eyes get wide, and his mouth drops open. I am still furiious about what Rosy was doing so i say loudly, "why dont you just tell him Rosy, tell him how you tried to kill me but tried to get other people to do your dirt work for you. Unfortiontly Zayn, Louis, and Liam dont like you very much!" Niall...

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