Rina Forest was a ordinary girl. she was off to a college far away from her boyfriend and family. When she meets the confusing, insecure, Niall Horan will she stay with her boyfriend, all she can do with him is share a phone call. Niall Horan may be a jerk but is there a sweet side? Read to find out this Niall Horan fan-fiction today!


4. Very important authors note!

Hey guys, I'm the author, Alexis! I hope you like my book! I have two other Movellas about Niall and you should read them! they're called Always Forever and The Eyes. Now for my very important thing i need to tell you. For now on you are going to be able to tell how much Niall likes you because at the bottom of the last page in every chapter it will say how many hearts he likes you for. There is up to ten hearts, some times you will lose hearts and gain them. I hope you have fun Reading this Movella!

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