Rina Forest was a ordinary girl. she was off to a college far away from her boyfriend and family. When she meets the confusing, insecure, Niall Horan will she stay with her boyfriend, all she can do with him is share a phone call. Niall Horan may be a jerk but is there a sweet side? Read to find out this Niall Horan fan-fiction today!


10. the reveal

Rina POV


      After i said that Niall looks at Rosy with a disgusting look. He looks back at me probably wondering if this is really happening. He stands up and says, "But... i don't understand, there was blood and....its just..." I stop him quickly and say, "I'll explain later but for know i must deal with the slut." We all turn back to look at her but she's gone.....SHE'S GONE!!! I start to feel light headed and my vision gets all blurry, i fall on the ground and Niall comes by my side to try to help me up but i say, "no, i just want to sit down for a sec." Zayn then says, "Niall, ill explain everything to you, come in the kitchen." They walked in there while Liam, Louis, and harry helped me lay on the couch. I then whisper to myself,"what the hell have i gotten myself into?"

I think i'm awake now, am I? People are screaming around me, it pitch black. I'm being called terrible names by voices that i know, Louis, Liam, Harry, Zayn, Mom, Dan...... and Niall. No, why is this happening to me, what the hell, i was just a perfect girl going to college and without a worry in the world besides Dorm rooms. What happened to that girl? I cant stop thinking about Niall, at all! I scream to the top of my lungs and i feels someone shaking my body. I open my eyes and its over, the whispering, the darkness its all gone, the only i see in front of me is Niall, actually he's the only thing i wanted to see. Then Niall says, "wow you really are a wimp." I then say, "excuse me? Some one tried to fucking kill me, sorry for being a little freaked out." he laughs and says, "yeah Rosy is one tough bitch." I give him a dirty look and yell, "you dont even FUCKING CARE, I don't even matter to you!" he then yells, 'How do you fucking know i dont care? YOU DON'T KNOW ONE THING ABOUT ME!" i then yell back, "I know enough! I jump up from the couch and stormed outside of the house and slammed the doors. As i'm walking back to my dorm i start crying, wait i cant go back to my dorm, there is a chance Rosy might be there. I just start walking on my own then it starts to pour rain. I lift up my hood, but it doesn't do much. A car pulls up next to me and its Niall. He then says, "come on get in." I then yell, "why should I?" He rolls his eyes and says, "It's raining, you have no where to go, and you are alone in a freaking city with who knows how many creeps." I glare at him and he sighs and says, "please." I then say, "fine." I walk over to passenger side and get in, but i don't talk to him at all. This silence is killing me though.


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