Rina Forest was a ordinary girl. she was off to a college far away from her boyfriend and family. When she meets the confusing, insecure, Niall Horan will she stay with her boyfriend, all she can do with him is share a phone call. Niall Horan may be a jerk but is there a sweet side? Read to find out this Niall Horan fan-fiction today!


1. Im Rina

Rina POV

                I'm Rina Forest, Today I'm going to Brown University. I'm so excited, but, its far away from my family and my boyfriend,but this is a good thing. Im going to brown to study on being a nurse and helping people. So ill be there for a total of four years and three months. This will be so exciting, ill meet new friends! I quickly jump out of my bed and got ready. I walk downstairs and my boyfriend, Daniel, was here. his nickname is just Dan. He then says, "one last goodbye kiss?" i agree and kiss him pationatly. We stop when my mom comes in and she says, "well Dan, Rina has to go get on the plane now." he nods his head and I run upstairs and grab my suitcases and Phone, Also my purse. I kiss Dan one last time and get into the passenger set of the car as my mom got in the drivers seat. We drove off and we're finally at the air port before we know it. I hug my mom and she says, "do you're best." I smile and get onto the plane. I but my suitcases up in the higher compartment and turn off my phone. Two hour plane ride isn't that bad, if i was in a car it would take 26 hours. I fell asleep and was woken up by the speaker above us say, "we are getting ready to land please put on your seatbelts. I was so excited and i put on my seat belt right away. We landed and i grabbed my two suitcases, purse, and phone. I finally got off the plane and i grab my map out from my purse. The Universityshould be close by the air port. I walk on the sidewalk and follow the map, i finally look up and see the HUGE University of Brown. I walk up the sidewalks into the dorm areas. Wow its beautiful here, i find my dorm room B5, i hope i have a good room mate. I put the key in and I see a girl making out with some Dark haired guy. She stops and looks at me and says, "OH you must be my room mate. " They both had a bunch of peircings and tattoos, to much to count. I look over and i see a blonde guy laying on her bed. He's just playing on his phone. He looks at me and rolls his eyes. RUDDEEE!!! The girl has long pink hair and a really cut loose shirt and really shorty shorts. She then says, "well im Rosy, and this one is Zayn, and the one laying on my bed being a loner is Niall." I nod my head and say, "oh... well im Rina." She smiles and says to the boys, "time for you guys to go, we'll have fun later." EWWWW!!!! God i hate my roommate! her side of the room is full with BEER BOTTLES! posters of gothic bands, and a bunch of stuff! I lay my suit case on my bed and say, "well i guess its nice to meet you."

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