Rina Forest was a ordinary girl. she was off to a college far away from her boyfriend and family. When she meets the confusing, insecure, Niall Horan will she stay with her boyfriend, all she can do with him is share a phone call. Niall Horan may be a jerk but is there a sweet side? Read to find out this Niall Horan fan-fiction today!


5. Eyes always keep watching

Rina POV

              Two days go by and I haven't seen Niall since that day i was walking and he was so rude! We still have one week and four days left till classes start. Time is going by so slow, I wish classes would just start already! Right now I'm reading one of the books i rented from the library. Then all the sudden Rosy comes out of the bathroom and says to me, "how can you just sit there and read, that's so stupid!" I just say, "well maybe i like reading." She then says, "whatever i should know a girl like you would be interested in that stuff instead of having fun." I then say back, "why would i want to go out with you guys if none of you like me?" She scoffs and says, "well i guess you got a point." then she walks out of our dorm. Why is she such a brat, who does she think she is? It's 7:02 right now so i decided to take a late night walk through the city. I just roam around a bit and guess who i see again, in an alley, drinking. Rosy and the boys from the party. Even Niall was there, but he wasn't drinking, he was leaned up against the brick wall just staring at the ground, it looks like he is thinking about something." You can never tell what he's feeling for Christ sake! Then Rosy spotted me and I just start to walk away and she walks over and stands in front of me. I still don't think Niall noticed I'm here cause he hasn't looked up but then Rosy says, "Well look, the bitch decided to show up." Then Niall looked up and saw me and looked quite surprised. I then say, "i was just leaving." She then says, "aww why so soon sweet heart. All the guys surround me not including Niall. Even one guy touches my back. Then Niall pushes through the guys around me, Grabs my arm and whispers, "come on we're leaving." Rosy then says, "NO she stays." Niall and me walk away from them, He's still holding my arm, tightly. We are finally far away from them and I pull away my arm. He seemed a little shocked. I then say, "thanks for saving me but let me guess you are just going to be a complete ass then next time you see me, just admit it!" he then says, "you are lucky i even saved you! I could of just let them do whatever they wanted to do to you!" then i say back, "why do you even hang out with them? They are really bad people Niall!" Then he says back, "yeah but they are the only people i got!" Then he walks away. I stare at him walking away, i think he was going to turn around to come back and he did for a second but changed his mind.

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