Slave To The Rhythm

Have you ever thought of what would happen if a random girls meets Justin Bieber but she wants nothing with him?She is Sofia Andres.A mexican girl that came to Los Angeles just to be a dancer but not in any Justin Bieber`s crew.She don`t speak English good but she is so beautifull,that much that Justin will want her no matter what and even write songs for her......Meet Sofia Andres,mexican girl with brown caramel eyes,160 cm tall and thin girl.Read to find out what happen in between Justin and her.And ENJOY!


1. Friday!Here i come Los Angeles!

"Despierta,mi amor tienes que er!"My mama shouted in her mexican acent as i was so tired to get up but i got to.I`m 18 now and i`m leaving to Los Angeles to live my life and i`m exicited and all my i`m just so tired right now.

"Esta bien,mama me boy!"I said and stood up.I sat up in my bed and rubbed my eyes.My mama came up to me and sat on bed next to me.

"Ques lo que yo me boy haser quando tu te vas,Maria?"My mama said and kissed me on head.I looked at her and smiled at her.

"Tu te vas estar bien no te procupes yo me boy estar bien y te boy a yamar todos dias.Oye y tu te vas a venir ayi para ver me."I said and she giggled.I love my mama."Y no puedes desir me que no puedes."I added.Then stood up and went to bathroom.Took a shower,blow-dryed my dip-dyed hair and curled it.And dressed up in this:

What?I`m a bad girl.Even tho my mama doesn`t like it but hey i`m 18.And did this make up:

Isn`t it cute!Anyway if you wanna see my hair here ya go!

Long picture but it`s cool.So i got out of the bathroom.Mama wasn`t there.She left the room so i just took all my suitcases and walked out taking one more look at my room and saying last goodbye to everything and walked out turning the light off.Made my way downstairs just to see my mama at the door with my papa and my little hermana and hermano with her.I bent down to see Lucio and Lucas sniffeling not wanting me to go away.

"Aww Lucio,Lucas no yoren nos bamos a ver otra vez te lo prometo.Y ustedes dos pueden venir an America cuando queren."I said wiping tears away from their cheeks.

"Cuando queremos?"Lucio said.I nobbed smiled and hugged them both.And said while hugging them:

"Yo tengo un sueno y quero que ese sueno esta la verdad y quero que ustedes dos me apoyan.Esta bien?"They both nobbed.Then pulled away and Lucas ran in living room and came back quickly with chain with Santa Guadalupe on it.

"Esto es para ti"He said putting it around my neck and kissing my cheek "Que esta contigo porque nosotros no podemos."He added i nobbed and stood up.

"Quide se"My papa said and they both hugged me.I then stepped out of the house and to the car.I turned around and waved at them.I turned back and walked in car while the taxi driver was putting my suitcases in the back.I took out my phone as we were slowly on our way to airport.I looked at the house and they were all at the window looking at the car.I smiled and waved once more then turned my eyes on my phone texting to my friends goodbye then pugged in my beat earphones and listened to some music.Can you believe that i started with JenCarlos and then came to Justin Bieber.I don`t LOVE him or anything but that kid got talent and his my age.I`m born  23.2.1994 and it`s i think one week before his birthday i mean i don`t know when is he born but as i heard he is born at 1.march or so.Anyway,i was listening to some music while looking threw news and one new caught my eye so i clicked on it.It`s some dance audition i smiled knowing that the audition is right where i`m going to live at.Los Angeles but the problem is that Justin Bieber is making that audition.Okay?Well let`s see i`m going to be a back-up dancer to one of the biggest pop stars on planet hopefully and i`m going to travel the world.Well that sounds good.Okay then.Bring it on Bieber.

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