the new time

this is part 2 of a teenage love life! in this part they are more close and doing som bad stuff if you are younger than 13-14 you should not read this<33 love you guys!


1. the new time

" goodmorning honey " " hej mark... what is the clock?" " it's soon 7am " "ohhh mark! wake me by 9am!" "no come here, aria! we are going to new york to day" " what? hell no! why?" " i got in to denver(new york)" " wow!! that's amazing, but what about os?" actually i hate it! what about os? how will he had it to work when i was in mamai? " you are going with me! " " what... what are you saying? how?" " you got in to!" what?? i dittent search in on denver! i search in on bacemann!" " i search you in, so we could be together... i know a few on denver so you and i will be popular so fast!" i were so mad at him but he did it because he love me and so we could be together that is just sooo amazing! " sure i'm packing my stuff now!" " really aria, will you do this with me?" " ofcurse i will! all for you mark!" "Did you knew that I love U?" " mmmm.... I couldn't hear you please say it again!;))" " I LOVE U!!!! " " I LOVE U 2! "

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