The Five

Elsa, Jack, Merida, Hiccup and Rapunzel are best friends. Hiccup loves Merida and Rapunzel knows it. She also knows that Jack and Elsa should be together. Will she play matchmaker? And will it work out?


5. Wait What?


"This is amazing!!" Merida laughed as she gripped onto Hiccup's back. I was flying alongside them, with Elsa holding my hand. Hiccup, Merida and Rapunzel are flying on Toothless. I still can't believe that Hiccup has a dragon though. Elsa grips my hand tight and I grin at her. She smiles.

"So Hiccup, where to now?" I shout over the wind.


I clutch Hiccup and raise my head into the wind. Ma hair flies everywhere. Punzie is holding onto me. Toothless suddenly spins round in the air. I grab Hiccups hand. But I almost immediately drop it. I can feel my face goin' pink. Ugh that was embarrassin' ugh. Oh no, now he's lookin' at me. He is pink as well. Uhh.


Oh god. She held my fricking hand. That was so embarrassing, oh god. I turn my attention to Toothless. I pat his head and he flies down. I start to turn around to check Jack and Elsa are following us. They are. Toothless then flies down and lands on the ground. Jack and Elsa follow. Except not quite as smoothly.


"Argh!?" I land on Jacks chest. He looks at me and I look at him. Then I realise that I am still lying on Jacks chest. I start struggling to get up. This same thing happened to Anna and Prince Hans. Good thing he's in jail. Ugh. I'm making things worse. I keep falling! Jack sits up and helps me up. I smile at him.

"Sorry Elsa," he grins. I open my mouth to reply but Rapunzel starts giggling. We both look at her, confused. She just starts dancing around. Uhhh?


I flop onto the grass. Merida held Hiccup's hand and Jack practically hugged Elsa! Love is in the air guys. I wish Eugene was here. I miss him. But I'm having a great time with my new best friends! I'll have to introduce him to Jack, Mer, Hic and Elsa! I am so happy. But seriously, what is keeping Jack from asking Elsa out?! They are made for each other!

Sorry, this chapter isn't very good. But I hope you will enjoy it anyway! I will try to update more! Thanks! - polaris_witch

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