The Five

Elsa, Jack, Merida, Hiccup and Rapunzel are best friends. Hiccup loves Merida and Rapunzel knows it. She also knows that Jack and Elsa should be together. Will she play matchmaker? And will it work out?


3. Coming together


I probably should get going. But I'm not going anyway. Argh! I am being pulled into the dance floor! Oh no. I don't know who has pulled me onto the dance floor but I wish they hadn't! A girl pulls me into a fast dance. I can't even dance slow!! She giggles as I almost trip up. I look up to see who she was. It was a girl with long blonde hair. I mean like really, really long hair. Much to my relief the music finishes before I fall over. The girl began to move away to a food table, so I followed. She noticed I was following her and smiled.

"I'm Rapunzel," she beamed at me. She was so enthusiastic.

"I'm Jack Frost, Punzie," I replied. She looked at me.

"Punzie? Wait Jack Frost? You mean like snow powers and stuff?" she asked.

"Ye-" she didn't let me finish.

"Then you would like Queen Elsa! She has snow and ice powers and stuff," she smiled at me, then she looked over at a red-head girl who was waving at her, "Got to go but see you soon Jack!" As she runs over to her friend I start to move back towards the side of the dance floor.


Rapunzel began to run across the hall towards me. Her hair flying behind her.

"Hi Merida!" she laughed.

"Hi!" I answered. Uft how does a dance bloomin' last?

"You know that boy over there?" She points at Hiccup.

"Yeah," I nod, "that is Hiccup."

"He's been staring at you for the whole party!" she blurted out.

"No he hasn't, Rapunzel. That's stupid!" But he noticed us staring an' went red, "Why would he be staring at me?"

"I dunno! Maybe he loves you!" she giggles, mischievously and ran off.

"Rapunzel!" I shout after her. Uft these princesses and their love theories. I run after her onto the dance floor.


Merida and her friend started staring at me! Staring at me! What if they know I like Merida?

"Hey," a voice said. I just about jumped out of my skin.

"Uh hi," I answered. It was a boy. About my age. Except he seemed much more confident. He had white hair and really pale skin. He wore a cocky smile.

"What you doing over here away from the party?" he asked.

"Hiding from my dad who thinks I'm and embarrassment and stuff," I replied, and looked down.

"Cool. Well I'm Jack. Jack Frost," he grinned.

"I'm Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the third," Jack laughs and I can feel my face going red again.

"Hey Jack!" I heard a girl shout. We both turn round to see a girl skipping over to us. Wow her hair it's so long!

"Hey Punzie!" said Jack. 'Punzie' frowned at him.

"Hi! Merida told me you were called Hiccup! I'm Rapunzel!" she said now addressing me. Wait- Merida told her about me? .......

"Hiccup!" Jack elbowed me.

"Oh hi," I answered Rapunzel. Just then Merida came over.

"Hey guys," she laughed, "Watcha' talkin' about?"

"Nothing really," said Jack.


I don't know who to talk to. Anna is dancing with Kristoff (her fiancé) and I don't know who to talk to! There's Rapunzel! I'll go talk to her. She's with a bunch of people. Maybe they're her friends. As I walk towards them I see that one of them is Jack, that weird boy. I hurry across the floor so I don't get pulled into a dance.

"Hey Elsa!" smiled Rapunzel and slapped Jack with her hair as she spun round. We all burst out laughing. Even Jack.

"Hello," I giggled, quite unable to stop laughing.


"Oh my gosh! I am so sorry Jack!" I giggled.

"It's calm, Punzie," Jack uses this nickname to annoy me on purpose. And for some reason we took the giggles. We could not stop laughing and from this moment on I know we will be friends for life. But I noticed Jack looking at Elsa in a more than friends way. And I will make it my job to put Hiccup and Merida together and Elsa and Jack together...

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