The Five

Elsa, Jack, Merida, Hiccup and Rapunzel are best friends. Hiccup loves Merida and Rapunzel knows it. She also knows that Jack and Elsa should be together. Will she play matchmaker? And will it work out?


4. Best Friends?


Well the five of us having been hanging out over the past couple of weeks and yeah it's been fun. It isn't always easy meeting up because we live quite far away from each other but we get together anyway. Actually I'm on my way to see them now. My arm hurts. Merida punched me yesterday and I hate to say it but she is strong! We always fight but it's all goodnatured. Woah. The wind is picking up and I'm flying faster. There they are! I am dropping down.


"There's Jack!" Rapunzel suddenly shouted. Immediately we all looked up. Just in time to see Jack flying towards Hiccup at high speed.

"Arghh!" Hiccup was thrown onto the grass. Jack started laughing. It was an accident but ya know Jack still found it funny. Then we all started laughing even Hiccup, who was still on the ground. Ah reached out to help him up. He grabbed ma hand and got up.

"What ye strain' at blondie?" I demand, giggling. She just winks.What's supposed tae mean?


We all sit down, on the grass. I like having friends that are the same age as me. And don't think I'm an embarrassment. Rapunzel makes sure Jack and Elsa sit next to each other. She is a weird girl.

"Elsa did you know Jack is actually called Jack Frost? As in the boy who bring the snow and ice!" Rapunzel smiles, as if she is pleased with herself. Elsa shook her head.

"I didn't know that," she looked up at Jack. He smiled his cocky smile. Rapunzel is so obviously trying to play Cupid. I hope that Merida doesn't think I'm stupid. I hope she likes me.


So Jack is like me. I thought I was the only one. Anyway, we are laughing and joking in the fields still. An ear-piercing scream cuts the air. The horrible sound is coming from Rapunzel. She gasps and points. We all turn round to see a big, black beast!

"It's a .... Its a... Dragon!" I shriek. The dragon eyes were big and green and the pupils were slits. Hiccup stands up. And starts to move towards it.

"Hiccup, what are you doing?" Jack gasps. But Hiccup keeps going towards it.

"Toothless!" Hiccup addresses the dragon. It automatically sits and nuzzles him. Oh my gosh! "I haven't introduced you guys to my dragon. This is Toothless.." Hiccup looked sheepish and grinned awkwardly.


We all stared at him. His dragon? Merida was the first to react.

"An' ah thought you were ah book type. An' here ye have a blooming pet dragon!" She chortled. She doesn't seem at all scared. Merida gets up, flipping her wild hair over her shoulder. She was excited, "Can ah touch him?"

Hiccup was startled and delighted that Merida liked Toothless. "Of course!" Merida's face lit up. Hiccup takes her hand and puts it on Toothless' nose. Wow! They are so perfect for each other! Jack then stands up, followed by Elsa and I. We all want our turn at petting Toothless! Why can't Merida and Hicccup see that they are so right for each other?

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