My name is Fiona. I spent most of my life as a stray cat. I moved from home to home, but no one wanted me. But seriously, why would someone want a cat with only one eye?

I rated it yellow because it's really really sad and there's a chance you'll have nightmares about it. If you don't want to take the risk, I suggest that you won't read this movella.


9. The End

So that's it. That's the end of Fiona's first journey. I know that this movella isn't very enjoyable, but I hope you like it.

The whole idea of this movella is for you readers to understand what terrible lives stray cats have. And not just stray cats, also other animals.

I also hope that you'll be like Fang and Snow who liked Fiona even thou she had one eye. Remember, nobody's perfect, and respect people who are different from you.


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