My name is Fiona. I spent most of my life as a stray cat. I moved from home to home, but no one wanted me. But seriously, why would someone want a cat with only one eye?

I rated it yellow because it's really really sad and there's a chance you'll have nightmares about it. If you don't want to take the risk, I suggest that you won't read this movella.


2. Chapter Two: Imperfect

My mother's owners were getting worried. They didn't want to lose something perfect. They started thinking that maybe I was dead. My mother's owners took me to a veterinarian. I was nervous. I knew that they won't like me. When we got there, I started shaking with fear. How will they react when they see that I'm not perfect? What will they do to me? The veterinarian forced me to open my eyes. I saw my owners for the first time, and their faces looked disgusted. They told the veterinarian that they don't want me, and that he could keep me. The veterinarian refused. On their way out, my mother's owner barely touched me. They held me by my tail. I didn't move, because I knew that there is no hope. Nothing else to do. When they got out of the veterinarian's house, I saw my mother's owners opening the garbage can, and dropping me in there. From that moment I understood, that I lost my home. I lost it because I'm imperfect. And I had a new one too. That's the garbage can.

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