My name is Fiona. I spent most of my life as a stray cat. I moved from home to home, but no one wanted me. But seriously, why would someone want a cat with only one eye?

I rated it yellow because it's really really sad and there's a chance you'll have nightmares about it. If you don't want to take the risk, I suggest that you won't read this movella.


3. Chapter Three: Problem

I have a problem. It's in my eye. I'm missing an eyeball in my right eye. Yes, it's dreadful. That's why my owners didn't want me. That's why, many other people didn't want me. If not for that, my life wouldn't have been so miserable, terrible and horrifying. Nobody knows how and why. I was born with it. And I'm absolutely sure that it's not a genetic problem. There is no way my mother's owners will have a cat that's no absolutely perfect, or have another cat get close to their car that is not perfect or related to an imperfect cat. My guess is that they will do their best to forget about me. They will do anything to forget about me. Anything.

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