My name is Fiona. I spent most of my life as a stray cat. I moved from home to home, but no one wanted me. But seriously, why would someone want a cat with only one eye?

I rated it yellow because it's really really sad and there's a chance you'll have nightmares about it. If you don't want to take the risk, I suggest that you won't read this movella.


1. Chapter One: Birth

I was the third kitten out of four that my mother gave birth to. My mother's owners are very rich. She wears clothes and jewels all the time. I don't know anything about my father. We're cats, so nobody cares. My mother's name is Lady. She acts like a lady. Her owners always give there cats names after they open their eyes for the first time. My siblings and I are all black, like

my mother. You see, her owners found it extremely sweet that their last name is Black and all their cats are black.

You are probably wondering, why I say mother's owners and not my owners. When the time comes, you will know.

Anyway, my mother's owners love perfection. Everything in their manor is perfect. If they see something that is not perfect, they get really mad and just throw it away. My two older sisters, opened their eyes first. My mother's owners admitted that they were two of the most perfect cars they ever saw. They named one Anna, after the Black woman who was perfect, and Elizabeth, Anna's cat, who like her owner, was perfect too. A few days later, my younger brother opened his eyes. He too, was perfect, so my mother's owners called him Lord, after the first Black male cat who was of course, perfect.

You are probably wondering what is my name. So I will just remind you, that I'm supposed to receive my name when I open my eyes.

I didn't dare to open them. You are probable asking yourselves why. I knew instantly, that they won't like me. I felt it. I felt that I have something missing. Something that because of it, I'm not perfect. I'm imperfection. And my mother's owners won't like it.

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