My name is Fiona. I spent most of my life as a stray cat. I moved from home to home, but no one wanted me. But seriously, why would someone want a cat with only one eye?

I rated it yellow because it's really really sad and there's a chance you'll have nightmares about it. If you don't want to take the risk, I suggest that you won't read this movella.


5. Chapter Five: The Angry Father

Life with Maria was perfect. It was some of the best times of my life. We had lots of fun together. We played together, ate together, slept together and talked to each other (each one with her own language). We were best friends. But unfortunately, we weren't BFFs. We weren't best friends forever.

Maria and I came back inside the log house. We were very tired. We both drank water, since we were very thirsty. Suddenly, Maria accidentally stepped on my paw. I meowed loudly and wailed, too loud. Suddenly, we heard a voice, that belonged to Maria's father "what was that Maria? I could swear I heard a cat wailing! You remember the rule right?" "Of course I remember father. It was probably just a cat from outside. It was probably fighting with another cat". I could swear I heard fear in her voice. "Mmm. You remember Maria, that since I'm blind, I can hear better, and smell better" he started walking towards us. He was pretty fast for a blind and old man. I tried to run away, but it was to late. He picked me up by my neck. No matter how much I fought, bit and scratched, he didn't let me go. "What is this supposed to be?" He asked. "F-father, it i-isn't what you think" Maria said. I could see tears on her face. "That's a cat. See? It has ears, a tail, fur, paws" each thing that he called, he pulled really hard. "You disobeyed me! You! My daughter! You lied to me! You broke my most important rule! You brought this into my house! How dare you!!!" "Father please. I can ex-" she was crying vet hard now. "I can't believe it! My own daughter! My own daughter disobeyed me!" He opened the door, and threw me outside.

I couldn't stop crying. I tried to get in but couldn't. I heard Maria crying and her father yelling at her. That was the end to the perfect life with Maria.

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