Forced to Marry Harry Styles

Meet 17 year old, Krystal Katherine. Krystal was living a happy life, had her bext friend by her side, had a protective older brother, and had her life planned ahead, till her mum and dad told her she was getting an arranged marriage to the famous Harry Styles of One Direction.

Will Krystal and Harry Fall in love? Will they just be friends? Or will they plain out hate each other?


5. chapter 4

Krystal's pov

" Krystal let's get your stuff. " Harry said grabbing my hand and walking to my room.

" What did I do?" I asked when we got to my room. " What's wrong with me?" I asked threw tears.

"Shhh it's ok. You didn't do anything. Nothing is wrong with you," Harry held me close while I cried.

" I should pack." I spoke after a few minutes. He gave me a small smile.

I'm Scared to stay with Harry. What if we don't like anything the other likes! What if he leaves me alone for a long time!

I grab my bag and look at my room. Everything is all broken. Glass shattered, my pictures ripped, James did this..

"Babe you ready?" Harry asked me sweetly.

"Yeah" I speak under a whisper. Harry holds my hand and we walk out of my room. I look in the hall and glass is everywhere. I look at Harry worried he squeezed my hand.

We walk down the stairs, and walk out of the door. I don't even look back at the house that I've lived in all my life, I just can't look.

We get back to Harry's car which was at the park and we started heading towards his house.

Why couldn't I stand up to James two years ago? I could have ended all the hitting and kicking. why can't I be pretty? why am I so worthless? why just why? I ask my self crying.

" Krystal it's not your fault it's James fault, your beautiful, your an angel, your the opposite of worthless," Harry says while he holds my hand and kisses it. " You said what you where thinking aloud"

"Oh... Harry I'm sorry that you had to get up at 3 in the morning Bc of me. I'm so sorry"

"Hey it's fine I'd do anything for you," he smiles and parks the car in the drive way. I get out and grab my bag and stand still. Like frozen.

What if Anne doesn't want me staying here, what if I bother them to much what-

" Babe you coming?"

"Yeah" I walk up to him and kiss his cheek.

We walk in side and Harry takes me to his room.

"I'll sleep on the floor you can have the bed." He spoke softly.

" Harry no you can have the bed I'll just sleep on the floor." I grabbed my pillow and laid on the floor.

"Babe, can we share the bed?" he asked pulling down his pants and his shirt.

"Sure." I kept starring at him like damn he's so hot, i changed back in to my shorts and tank top and laid in the bed.

I turned on my side facing Harry as he climbed in to the bed, he looks at me and smiles, I felt my cheeks heat and I hide my face in the pillow. Harry laughs and pulls me to him, I look up to his amazing emerald eyes and smile.

" Krystal, you are so beautiful," he whispered. I looked at him, then his lips and kissed him. And cuddled up to his chest and drifted off.

But before I fell asleep, I heard Harry say " I love you Krystal,"

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