Forced to Marry Harry Styles

Meet 17 year old, Krystal Katherine. Krystal was living a happy life, had her bext friend by her side, had a protective older brother, and had her life planned ahead, till her mum and dad told her she was getting an arranged marriage to the famous Harry Styles of One Direction.

Will Krystal and Harry Fall in love? Will they just be friends? Or will they plain out hate each other?


4. Chapter 3

Krystal's pov

This wedding thing is hard, all I get to pick is my dress and the colors. Anne and mum are deciding the rest. What stresses me out the most is that I dont even want to get married!! But I know I have to do this, for mum and my own good. maybe harry is nice, maybe hes a really good person.

" WHAT THE HELL!!?!" I heard James. my dad, I dont call him dad any more he does not need to be called that by me any more.

" James calm down! my gosh, just because Seth moved to California Does not MEAN YOU NEED TO SCREAM AT ME!! His 19 for goodness sakes, its his choice. "


I changed in to my ripped jeans, my purple sweat shirt, and my convers. I grabbed my phone, and wallet. I snuck down the stairs and ran out the door. of course it was 3 in the morning and every one was sleeping. I walked to a park that I use to come to when I was little.


I was running around the playground. I ran to the swings but I couldnt get up there.

"Kry kry you need help?" Seth asked. I nodded.

Seth put me on the swing, and pushed me. seth then jumped on to his swing and started to swing his legs. He reached out for my hand and held it.

"ready to jump?"

"Ya!!" I replied happily.




we jumped and I landed on my bum.

"Krystal are you ok?" dad asked. I nodded my head and hugged my dad.

he lifted me up and put me on his shoulders.

*flashback over *

I stood up from the bench and started to walk again. it was freezing, plus it was 3:30 in the morning. I grabbed my phone out of my pocket and called Gemma.


"Hey Gemma its Krystal. " I said sniffing.

"Hey whats wrong?"

"well lets just say mum and dad, where fighting over me," I cried.

" Oh my, where are you? ill come pick you up." she said with concern in her voice.

"you dont have to pick me up im fine ill just sit here till its later in the morning. I just wanted to call and tell you what is going on..." I spoke in a whisper.

She sighed, " ok just wanting to ask, are you at that park near your house?" I nodded. then i realized that she cant see me.

"yeah. but im ok I just need time to think."

" ok im here if you need anything."

"thanks Gemma, you should go back to sleep"

" ok call me if you need any thing" she said.

"ok I will night!"

"night" we hung up and I walked around the park, I saw the top of the monkey gym and thought about when I was younger. I was so wonderful, talented, loved, but now im useless, ugly, and worthless. I sat down on a swing and remembered all the memories I had with my family when we all got along.

"Krystal?" a raspy voice asked. I turned to see Harry.

"Harry what are you doing here?"

" Well Gemma told me what my fiancé's parents said about her." he frowned. " so I came to see you,"

"Harry you shouldnt have came, im fine." I said in a whisper.

"look at me in the eyes and tell me your fine."

I looked up to see him looking down at me. I looked in to his emerald green eyes. I opened my mouth but nothing came out. Harry started to lean in. His breath mixing with mine. His lips touched mine. I felt sparks and fireworks as we kissed. My lips moved with his. Harry pulled away and looked at me.

" Your beautiful, you perfect, don't listen to your dad, he's not even worth your breath. If you want then you can stay with me till we get have to move in to our new house." He said wiping my tears with his thumb.

" Thank you. But you don't need to have me stay at your place, I don't want to be a bother."

" Your not a bother. Your the opposite. Your perfect." He kissed my cheek and grabbed my hand. " Come on let's get your stuff and go to mine." I smiled stood up and kissed his cheek.

We walked to my house and we heard glass break.

" YOU BITCH!!!" James yelled. I looked at Harry with tears and burst in the door I ran to the kitchen so see my mums face is cut and my dad just standing there yelling at her. " YOUR WORTHLESS BITCH OF A DAUGHTER ISNT HERE!"

" STOP YELLING AT HER!!! WHAT DID SHE DO?" I yelled at him. But I don't regret it. He walked up to me and Harry stood in front of me blocking me.

" Sir, I don't want my fiancé to be hurt, ever. I don't like the way you talk to her and your wife." Harry spoke.

" I'm so surprised that you actually want to marry that slut. Bitch get your shit and get out of my house. I never want to see you again."


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