Forced to Marry Harry Styles

Meet 17 year old, Krystal Katherine. Krystal was living a happy life, had her bext friend by her side, had a protective older brother, and had her life planned ahead, till her mum and dad told her she was getting an arranged marriage to the famous Harry Styles of One Direction.

Will Krystal and Harry Fall in love? Will they just be friends? Or will they plain out hate each other?


2. Chapter 1

Krystal's pov 


"Bye mum I'll see after school!" I yelled and walked out the door and began walking to school.


I'm Krystal Katherine werid name I know. I'm 5'7, I have curly brown hair that goes to the middle of my back and blue eyes. I love to sing, read, write, and draw. I have a best friend, Lexi, who is a sister to me, I have one older brother, Seth, hes 19 and goes to collage. So I'm the only child at home. 


Back to reality I walked to my locker and grabbed my books for my first class, walking in to class I sit in the back with Lexi. Here comes a long day.




" Mum!! I'm-" I was cut off when I saw a boy my age in my living room with his mum and sister.


"Krystal sweetie go put ur bag in ur room and come meet me in the kitchen," she was acting way different..


I walked up the stairs to my room and threw my bag on my bed. Who is that guy? Why is he here? Why is my mum acting diffrent? 


" Krystal!" My dad yelled for me.


" Comming,"  I ran down the stairs and met my mum in the kitchen.  "Who is-" 


" Krystal I'll tell you later help me bring them tea." I nodded. Mum is a acting really diffrent, usually we are laughing and jokeing around but today is like pure serious.  

I gave the mother of the two kids her tea fist then the girl then I gave the curly haired, emerald eyed, boy his. and was about to walk away to do my home work but my dad came up to me.


"Krystal sit down, we all need to have a talk," I rolled my eyes and tried to walk away agin. " Damn it Krystal Sit Down," my dad yelled. 


He is never mad at me, hes always nice. I had tears in my eyes. " No, not till you tell me what the hell is going on," I yelled back. He looked at me and grabbed my arm and threw me arross the hall way. I screamed in pain.


" KRYSTAL!!!" my mum yelled. tears where falling down my face.


" Next time Fuckin listen to me,"my dad said through gritted teeth.


The girl came running to me. "Are you ok?" she asked worried


" yeah im fine," I said standing up having tears stream down my face because of the pain. 


" Krystal dear what happened?" my mum asked, I shook my head and sat next to the boy with curly hair. "JAMES!" mum yelled for dad to come in the living room. 


My dad looked at me in anger and in disgust. I just sat there scared he was going to come and hit me. 


" Krystal, This is Anne, Gemma, and Harry." I smiled to them, and they all smiled back


. " Krystal and Harry we arranged you two to get married. " my dad spoke. I looked at my mum and she looked away from me. 


" WHAT?!!?"  I yelled, " IM ONLY FUCKIN 17!!!" I yelled at my father. 


He stood up and walksd towards me, I backed up till I sas against the wall of the living room.

" You will DO What I say!" he yelled at me and slapped me. I heard my mum gasp and cry. I heard Anne and Gemma gasp. My dad walked away to the kitchen. I stood up and ran to my mum. I hugged her tight.


" D-did he hit you?" she asked crying. I nodded crying in her arms. " I'm so sorry Krystal." 


"Its not your fault mum." I kissed her cheek as she walked in to the kitchen.  ok I lied when I was 15 my dad changed to be abusive after my brother moved out. He would always call me a worthlsss bitch. my mum never knew because he did it when she was at work. 


" Has he done that before?" Harry asked me.. I looked at him with tears in my eyes. I nodded and Gemma came to me and hugged me. 


" Harry how about you and Krystal go in her room and get to know each other."  Harry nodded and helped me up.


We walked to my room, and I sat , on my bed crying.  harry came to me and wiped away my tears. he sat on the bed next to me and hugged me letting me cry in to his chest.


" ITS NOT MY FAULT THAT SHES A WORTHLSSS BITCH!!" my dad yelled. I cryed harder.


"Shhh Krystal dont listen to him. Shhh its going to be ok."

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