Taken From Home


2. Chapter 2 Dreams

Martina's POV

"You guys still have those nightmares? Like what we talked about the other day?" Once Hallie asked that question I was a bit surprised, she's still had them along with me and maybe the other girls too. I look around, "well yes I have, what about you guys?" I ask. They nod, "Do you wanna talk about them?" Coral asks. "Well... Sure?" Brianna answers for us all, she can be bossy sometimes but that's what we love about her. "My house?" Tori adds in, we all nod in agreement. I look behind me and, I see this beautiful blue eyed beauty looking straight at me. I smiled to him and he just winked, well I am thinking he is a flirt now. If you were confused I am talking about the new kid, Niall Horan. "Martina... Martina," I see a hand wave in front of my face trying to snap me out of my trance on him. I felt a slap on my cheek," Hey! What was that for?!" I yell obviously pissed off," You wouldn't stop looking at Blondie over there," Tori says like it is the most obvious thing in the world. "Looks like someones got a crush!" Brianna teases," shut up already," I look around to see Niall smirking straight at me. Did he hear that? I hope not that would be embarrassing, wait how would he just hear it hes a couple tables away from me in the cafeteria he probably didn't. The bell rings well looks like it's time to go," come on lets go to class!" Brianna grabs my arm skipping away to class, me behind her.

~~ After School ~~

I walk out of the school yard just to see the girls beside my car. I run up to them and jump on Carol, making her loose balance on her feet and fall. We look at each other and laugh, I hear a click of a camera on a phone. I look up to see Hallie taking a picture," this is defiantly going on Instagram," she laughs. "Shall we go to my house now?" Brianna asks we all nod," then lets go!" I get into the drivers side, waiting for everyone to get seated, once we all were placed we headed off to Brianna's house. I turned down the radio which was playing Timber by. Pitbull ft. Ke$ha. "Why did you turn my jam off?!" Coral practically yells out," I have something to tell you guys, that why,"I answer her. "Well what is it?" They ask together, "I love food!" I yell out they, just laughed.

~~ 4 hours later ~~

All we have been doing is playing random games and eating. We say around the camp fire, as the sun sets and we watch. "It's beautiful outside tonight," I comment on the sky. "Yeah, it makes me feel all calm," Tori says agreeing. As the sky is pitch black now, "alright dream telling time," Hallie yells out, "who's first?" I raise my hand to go first," alright let's hear it!" I take a breath trying to remember the dream that has been in my dreams for about a month now. "As I run through forest to go to my old tree house, trying to get away from my bullies," I pause trying to remember. "As I climbed up and got onto the flat wooden floor I sad there just panting. I hear a noise, I look up to see a dark shadow green gold eyes. He was breathing heavily, I was freaking the hell out." "Pshh that's just an owl," Brianna says like it is the most obvious thing in the world, I get kinda ticked. "No, you didn't let me finish," I sass her, "well then hurry!" "The shadow is shaped like a young man, he was perched up like a bird. I felt my breath hitch when he began to come closer," I explain the every little detail. "This is intense!" Coral says while I just nod, " he got up to my face just smirking. I start to shake horribly, he started to touch my face and rub it," I pause for a second to take a deep breath. "Did I mention his hand was like ice? Yeah, so where am I?" I ask myself accidentally forgetting, "You were at the part where he wa-" I cut Victoria off remembering. " He moved the hair off my neck which was surprisingly down for once. He started to lean into my neck as I shake in fear, I feel something sharp graze over my skin. I felt a prick and that's where I always wake up at," I finished they clap," deep man deep," Hallie says in a joking tone. "My turn! Then Brianna's then Victoria's and finally yours Hallie!" Coral says with excitement lingering in her voice. "Wait! We need to get our smore stuff out!" Victoria runs inside Brianna's house to get the ingredients.

10 minutes later Tori comes out with everything, "about damn time!" I joke, "I am sorry, I couldn't find everything in a second!" she jokes back I just laugh, "I love it!" "Alright story time!" Hallie says while roasting a marshmallow. "I am walking through the hallways of school at night, because I had to copy somethings for chorus. But when I am walking about to exit the school, the doors lock and I mean every single door." She says in a rushed tone, I am guessing to get to the best part? "I start freaking out, I scream running in circles," she says while we burst out laughing but her. "Hey! I am serious, this isn't a laughing matter," she protests. "Sorry Cheeseburger! You just said it funny," I apologize... well kinda. "I start to run out of breath so I just stop running. I look around to make sure nothing is nearby it was all clear until, I turned around and was met with a tall lad right in front of me. All I could make out he had a very small quiff, and freaking white/silver eyes, he was very muscular to be exact with his body..." She trails off looking straight and looking ditsy like, "SNAP OUT OF IT!" Victoria yells while shaking Coral, she finally snaps out of it. "Who, what, when, where?!" She yells out clueless, "you were day dreaming," I say she just nods and ads onto, "about his body and eyes." "Alright carry on!" I say, "he pushes me into the wall, my head hits the brick wall a whimper comes out of my mouth. I can make out he is smirking, he kisses my jawline down to my neck area. He starts to suck on it, I try and push him away but he wouldn't move. He bit down on my neck causing me to moan when I didn't mean it. Then he pierces my skin and it hurts like hell! Starts to suck my blood? I think so. The end!" That was wow!

"Now it is my turn!" Brianna yells out happy, glad it is her turn. "As I jog in the night, I feel like I am being watched so the natural thing to do is look around, nothing. I jog a little bit faster when I hear a car go by hoping it isn't a kidnapper, I thank god when it passes by and doesn't slow down or anything like that. "Hey babe," I hear a British male voice from behind me, I look behind I don't see a soul there."I am in front of you now sweet cheeks," I hear the same voice say again but with a bit of humor in it. I look around me, am I just going crazy? I ask myself "No you are not,"" Brianna says. "Don't leave us hanging! This is getting good!" I yell out. "Calm yo tits! I am just taking a breather. I start to run while looking around until I hit a hard chest and fall, "Hello love," I look up to see the owner of the voice.. How? His eyes became Silver/Grey then I pass out and wake up." I start clapping and everyone else follows along, she bows," thank you thank you!"

"Guys?" Hallie tenses up a bit, "what is it hall?" she points to the woods where five sets of eyes laid. I recognized one specific pair, the guys in my dreams. "Oh my bucket of chicken..." Tori says and she falls to the ground.


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