Loving you endlessly

Love conquers all!


1. Beginnings

The way her dark brown hair fell over face when she turned her head. The way her piercing brown eyes lit up a room when she entered. The way her lips curled when she smiled at strangers.

These are just some of the reasons why I love Annabelle. Yes, me, David Lawrence was in love. Anyone who knew me knew that the word love wasn't in my vocabulary. A guy like me loving a girl like Annabelle only happened in fairy tales, and we didn't live in a fictional book, we lived in the small town of Jefferson, Tennessee. I had known Annabelle for years, well not in a 'we talk all the kind' type of way but in the 'I know her but she doesn't know me' way.

I remember the day we officially met for the first time. It was our high school graduation and everyone was having their post graduation lunches at the country club. This met that Casey, my best friend, and I were in for a busy day filled with luxury cars and rude rich people at the vale stand. I didn't mind the second job, especially when I get to do it with my best friend of over 16 years. My other job was helping my day at his car shop. I had been doing that since I was a boy and my future consisted if taking it over when my dad went into retirement. Casey and I were at the stand waiting for the next car to pull in when I saw a glimpse of this beautiful girl. She was walking down the front steps towards what looked like was her family. Her hair was a perfect chocolate brown flowing down her back, her sun kissed skin glowing in the lace dress she was wearing. Annabelle looked up right at the same time I did, our eyes meeting for the first time in forever. As I stood there starring at this perfect girl I felt a slap on my shoulder, "man get it together. You've been eyeing that girl since 10th grade. Man up and go talk to her." Casey was right I need to make a move and fast. Beep! Beep! Maybe I should look before I crossed the street, I don't need to get hit by one of these Porsches and make myself look like an idiot in front of my dream girl. Finally, I made my way over to wear Annabelle was. Her dad was praising her for all her accomplishments and telling his buddies how happy he was to be her dad. She saw me and excused herself from the conversation. "You're David right?" She asked, her smile showing off her perfectly white teeth and flawless face features. "Yeah. Annabelle right? Congratulations by the way on graduation. Pretty awesome huh?" I tried not to make it too obvious how much I was admiring her but I couldn't help it, she was perfect.

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