The poisoned apple...

its about a girl there lost her parents in a car accident, so now its only her brother and herself, their aunt have to take care of them. but she is not really taking care of them... they have a room on the attic, and they never been locked out, only for dinner and every second weekend... then one day the girl sees an apple and takes a bite.....
read the rest by yourself, i think its good<3<3<3


5. Who is the one?

I was sitting around a table with the two HOT Boys and their parents! The Boys looked at me?

After breakfast i went into the room i was Living in! When Alex the one at 16 came into my room.

He came over to me and kissed me? I kissed again I didn't stop? WHY I dont understand why I kept going!!! We where in my bed and making out! When we where half naked his mom was yelling at his brother and he fast took his close on and ran Down stairs. After their mom was Done yelling at them! Alex where going into the town. And then Kristoffer alex's brother came up on my room he's 17 and he's so hot. It looked like he ran but he kind of didn't? He kissed me and again I kissed back! This time we Were Whole naked and then Alex came into my room!

He was in chock i kind of had sex with his brother at the same Day that i kissed with him???

He went into his room and i went after, i was half naked but i didn't Care i love Alex not Kristoffer!

I Think i dont know? He was yelling at me and i was crying! I paniked and then i kissed him and told him that i loves him and having sex with his brother was just a Big mistake!!!!

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