The poisoned apple...

its about a girl there lost her parents in a car accident, so now its only her brother and herself, their aunt have to take care of them. but she is not really taking care of them... they have a room on the attic, and they never been locked out, only for dinner and every second weekend... then one day the girl sees an apple and takes a bite.....
read the rest by yourself, i think its good<3<3<3


4. the house...

I woke up, in the same bed as yesterday?

WHAT i was thinking! I ran away yesterday didn't I? I dont remember? And i had this beautiful dress on, WHY??? I heard some steps outside the door and I fast closed my eyes!

A voice Said " sweet little Girl, she was so Young but thise things happens.. Too bad!!!"

I opened my eyes and I grabed her! And then i Said " Im not dead Bitch!!!" And i hit her so hard that she flow over the floor.... Her head was bleading and I just had a smile on my face!

She killed my brother, my parents and almost me!!! I ran out of the door and out on the Road, i ran and i ran and i ran until i came to this little town i picked one of the houses and i knickers on the door... A beautiful boy on my age opend the door, In the same time I past out... And then i woke up in a bed with two "HOT" Boys standing over me... " am i in heaven i asked?" The Boys laughed " no! Youre not" their mom came in and gave me some water " what Were you running from" she asked me? " my aunt" I Said!

She told me that i Could stay as long as i wanted to..

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