The poisoned apple...

its about a girl there lost her parents in a car accident, so now its only her brother and herself, their aunt have to take care of them. but she is not really taking care of them... they have a room on the attic, and they never been locked out, only for dinner and every second weekend... then one day the girl sees an apple and takes a bite..... read the rest by yourself, i think its good<3<3<3



Monday morning, I had just woken up. My brother was still asleep, it was the day, we had to go home to our aunt! i would wish that my parents didn´t die... i am lost, my brother is on drugs and i.... i was thinking to kill myself!!! why isn´t my parents here! WHY..WHY...WHY!!!!! I was so mad, on my brother on myself??? well, we had just arrived at our aunt. she is a plastic bitch! every year at christmas she is giving me money so  one day i can get plastic in my ass??? who is giving a 12 years girl a gift like that??? i will never forget that day, its now 4 years ago and i still can get it out of my mind!!!! when we came inside, the first she told us to do was to clean up the whole house!!!

when we were done i asked her about i could go into the town? she got so angry and sent me up on my room with no dinner or anything!!! i walked into my brothers room to find something to do? i looked under his bed. and i found a playboy magazine!!! omg? i had  always thought that he was gay??? well.. now i know the truth , but its a nasty truth! :)


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