The poisoned apple...

its about a girl there lost her parents in a car accident, so now its only her brother and herself, their aunt have to take care of them. but she is not really taking care of them... they have a room on the attic, and they never been locked out, only for dinner and every second weekend... then one day the girl sees an apple and takes a bite.....
read the rest by yourself, i think its good<3<3<3


2. dead body????

i was out in the garden, when i saw a dog, a homeless dog, it was digging something up?

i walked over to it, when i saw a hand, i scremed, my brother came running over to me, "whats wrong" he asked me? i was crying i couldn`t talk i pointed on the hand... "AUNT" he was screaming at her. i was still crying, my brother and my aunt was screaming at each others! the maid came over to me. i asked her " who was that"?? she told me that it was a man there died under a meeding and that my uncle panicked and buried him in the garden. i was in chock? my uncle was a nice man? he would never do anything like that! i was more thinking of my aunt she is evil as hell, i think that she had a affair? well i went talking to my brother and he just called me STUPID???? i think i need to do this on my own? next morning i snuck into my aunt`s room and looked around? i saw a door, but it was locked? so i used my hairpin, to lock it up with. i walked down at the stairs, when i came to a dark room, i turned on the lights, a room full of pictures? on the pictures there were some men and me? why me, were she watching at me??? i heard the door opened so i hide behind the desk!

it was my aunt? she talked with somebody over the phone?? she looked around?  I was scared!

if she ever found out that i was down here?? i could just kill myself!!! why i´m also so curious??

after dinner i ran into my room and, then my brother came up?" we`re leaving now"? he said!

"why"??? i asked him... " what! you dont wanna leave this place"??? he shouted at me!!!! " no... not now" i said? " FINE!! then i just go by myself" he said! " wait mickey!!!" i shouted!            "my  name is mike!!!" he said and left:(

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