The poisoned apple...

its about a girl there lost her parents in a car accident, so now its only her brother and herself, their aunt have to take care of them. but she is not really taking care of them... they have a room on the attic, and they never been locked out, only for dinner and every second weekend... then one day the girl sees an apple and takes a bite..... read the rest by yourself, i think its good<3<3<3


7. back again!

I woke up in a bad bed not the one at home! My aunt was standing over me, " hello honey". I screamed " what am I doing here??" She just laughed? She walked out of the door and said " if you get hungry, theres`s some apples over there..." I was starving so i had to eat all of he apples but again, that feeling like an axe inside of me! i past out, but this time i didn`t woke up? a maid came into my room. She gave me some water and i woke up... i was in a new beatiful dress, she told me that I was dead for 1 year! and that I should be buried tomorrow!!! My aunt came into the room and I pretented that I was dead. She said that I should be buried now? The maid told me that she would make sure that i wouldn`t die, cause I wouldn't die, I was in love with Alex and everything went good!

I couldn't wait to see Alex so i jumped out of the window and ran over to him. when i ran up to his room i saw him and a girl macking out!!!! I cried, last time I checked he loved me!!! but now he don't he came down to me and said " I still love you" I kissed him, gave him a letter and ran away...

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