Love hurts

This story is about a girl who gets hurt by the person she loves most.


1. Chapter 1

Hi!My name is Kendall Miller.I'm sixteen years old,I have light brown eyes and long straight hair.I live with my little sister and my parents in San Diego.

I was sitting on my bed and just listening to music,I was so bored but suddenly something popped on my mind!Omegle,it's a "website" where you can chat with strangers,you can write stuff your like and then you start chatting with someone who likes the same stuff as you.

I opened my laptop and searched for Omegle and I found it,I have never tried this but let's try not.I wrote that I like Justin Bieber and music and then clicked at the button that said "let's chat" and then a stranger wrote "hi",I answered with a "hey there" and then we continued chatting.The person I chatted with was called Kylie Robertson she is also sixteen and have blue eyes and long blond hair.She lives in Los Angeles and that is about 2 hours away from me.

We changed numbers and I have talked with her one hour or more,she sounds very nice and we have a lot of things in common so it was very easy to talk with each other.I she lived near me so I could meet her but she doesn't.

But now it is late so I'm going to sleep.

I woke up by my moms voice hitting my ears.

-Kendall wake up!We have some news.We really need to talk to you.KENDALL!

-Okay,okay I'm up,stop screaming,gosh.

I went to my bathroom and washed my face and brushed my teeth,then I changed into some black shorts and a cute sweater.

I went down the stair and sat on a chair in the kitchen.

-God morning mom and dad.

-God morning Kendall.

-You wanted to tell me something?

-Yes,so me and you mom have been called for a new job and it's kinda away so me need to move.

-What?!But I don't won't to move,I have my friends here,my school and this house!

-I know sweetie but we have to.

-Where is this place we are moving to?

-Los Angeles.

-Oh my God,are you kidding with me?


-OMG I'm so happy,when are we moving?

-In two weeks.

-Okay I'm gonna go to my bedroom.

I went to my room and called Kylie and told her everything my parents told me and she was so exited because when I will move to Los Angeles I will be abel to meet her.

~ Two weeks later~

Today we are moving to Los Angeles,I'm so exited to see our new house and Kylie.I have told everything about Omegle and Kylie for my parents and they have talked to Kylie's parents.She lives in the same neighborhood as me so I can meet her today.Right now I'm helping mom with packing some stuff,everything is packed but there is a few stuff left.We are living in one hour so I when to my room for the last time.I stared at my room,the walls were white and the room was empty because all our stuff were in our new house.I sat on the floor and started singing Billionaire by Bruno Mars.

I was now in the car waiting for my parents to get food for us because you know it's two hours car ride.When my parents came we started driving and I fall asleep after 30 minutes.I was being waking up by my moms tup on my shoulder.

-Honey,wake up where here.


-We are here.


I looked out the window and saw a big whit house,i spet out the car and went to the house,I stepped in and the house was so big and beautiful.

-Do you like it?

-Yes dad.

-Okey come on I will so you your room.

He opened the door and I saw a big room with all my stuff.

-This is so beautiful dad.

-I know and between you have your own bathroom and a walk in closet.

-Omg,thank you dad.I said and hugged him.

-You are welcome,now go down the stairs because someone is waiting for you.

I went down the stair and saw a girl in my age with blue eyes and blond hair.

-Um hi?

-Hi I'm Kylie,the girl you talk-

-OMG Hiii.


I hugged and she hugged back.



-I'm going to take a walk with Kylie.

-Okay bye.

-Bye mom.

Me and Kylie stepped out the house and we started walking,she told me a lot of thing about herself and I told her about me,she was very nice and funny.She showed me were she lived and then went to a big mall and went to a lot of stores,we bought ice cream and then we went to my house.

-I had a very nice time today.I said.

-Me too.Kylie answered.

-But I have to go home now it's kinda late.

-Yea,bye.I hugged her and then closed the door.

~one month later~

Now the school have started,I have a lot of friends and I love living in Los Angeles.Me and Kylie are best friends now,I met her parents and they are very nice.Kylie has an older brother,he is seventeen and he is cute,I think I like him but yea we will see.

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