Why did you Leave me?? (harry fanfiction)

Hi, My name is Jazmine and I love to sing and Dance and I use to be friends with harry styles yes the harry that is a one night stand and heart throb and so called cheater but here is my story and how I can tell you who he was before he was on the x-factor


4. The worst school day in the history of bad scholl days

Worst School Day Ever,

1 Day later,


While I were walking to school you got tapped on the shoulder and then you panicked and almost hit the person in the face and then I saw it was Harry I was like OH MY GOD HARRY IM SORRY DONT SCARE ME LIKE THAT!!!! he then giggled and said sorry I just want to refresh your memory about our date tonight ok? he said while still giggling I then respond telling him that I think you refreshed my memory a lot this morning you sent me like 50,000 texts and you almost jabbed my phone up he then said i'm sorry I was sending you texts every 5 seconds I then giggled and offered him to walk to school together while walking to school and then he said ok and that was the reason I came over I want to walk with you DUH!! I then giggled and then said ok we don't want to be late (Harry is super popular and he has all the cheerleaders all over him so than is the reason people are being mean to me in the book)



at school the most popular girl in school Carmen noticed me and Harry holding hands (you do not notice till she brings up the subject spoiler >:( Dammit) and then she comes over with her posy and then she says what the hell are you 2 doing Harry then responds saying what do you want Carmen I am sick and tired of you thinking we are still dating I broke up with you over a month ago get over it already and stop being a bitch she then respond saying I see you have a new Girlfriend did you cheat on me with this asshole he then responds saying... (awkward silence for 5 seconds he then says we are not dating and what the hell Carmen why do you need such a bad attitude there are other guys out there and we are only going out for one date to see if things work out and if they do we just might you then gasp at Harrys respond you then see Carmen's face look like a red hot chillie pepper and then she glanced at me and then flicked me off I then started to look like Carmen then Harry turned to me and said don't give her any attiontion she is just ignorant and she is a slut all she does when she gets the guy she wants all she wantys is to get in bed and I was one of the stupid guys who had sex with Carmen Williams and she almost got pregnant from it.. you then cut him off saying OK pretty boy I do not need to know your sex expriance ok got that ok he said good oh I have cimistry byby harbear he then giggles pecks your cheek and then you go your seprat ways

A/N sorry I did not post the date and this chapter was super chessy I was going to post the date but I had to do something else but I am going to try my best to get a few co- workers on my book if you do a good chapter I will reward you with a shout out and my compitishion is still open- Jazmine

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