Why did you Leave me?? (harry fanfiction)

Hi, My name is Jazmine and I love to sing and Dance and I use to be friends with harry styles yes the harry that is a one night stand and heart throb and so called cheater but here is my story and how I can tell you who he was before he was on the x-factor





After school I was still pissed off at Carmen for doing that to me and  ... I was interrupted by my thoughts due to Harry tapping me on the shoulder I was so pissed I just turned and around and said in a bad tone what I spat he was like Hello and I and I am doing fine to then he told me hey I have something super important to tell you at out date ok? i respond more calm down and settled ok harbear ok JAZZYPOP byby





I get home and tell my mom im home and then I go up to my room and pick out a beautiful outfit I had a 5 inch above knee dress with a pure white small jacket with my favorite light brown converse boots then I tell my mom I am about to go she then says ok have fun but not to much fun you then giggle and go and text harry that you are ready he then responds says good im outside you then walk outside then harry gets out of the car and says wow you look stunning today im glad you are with me and you wore the appropriate outfit then you tell harry thanks then he opens the door for you and you say what a gentle men -> skip drive...




Harrys P.O.V ,

I cannot keep my eyes off Jazmine she was as stunning as the light that beautiful Brown Hair nice and soft and those amazing Brownish-Greenish eyes and her skin oh her beautiful skin that amazing mocha skin but I have to tell her something so I get out of the car and open the door for her then she says thank you in that amazing British American accent she has I can have a 24/7 list on how beautiful she looks it is like she the glue and I am the paper an she has glued me to her body then we sit on a bench watching the sun set then harry says um-um Jazmine I want to tell you that I want you to be my girlfriend and I am goanna be on the X-factor in 5 months and I want you to support me the whole way right she responds always after the date I take her home and we just sit there in the car starring in each others eyes like we were having a competition who can stair the deepest into each others eyes  then we start to lean in at the same time im thinking is this really happening am I gonna kiss her amazing full lips then our lips brush upon each others and then we pull then she says thank you for this night is was the best I hope we cane can do it again sometime.



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