Why did you Leave me?? (harry fanfiction)

Hi, My name is Jazmine and I love to sing and Dance and I use to be friends with harry styles yes the harry that is a one night stand and heart throb and so called cheater but here is my story and how I can tell you who he was before he was on the x-factor


3. A/N (URGENT READ NOW!!!!!!)

A/N: Hey I have to tell you guys some news if you guys want this book to get further then you should tell your friends to read this book and I have an announcement telling you guys that you can E-mail me at jazminewhite348@gmail.com and you can also comment telling me you want to be a character in this book I just need this following information about yourself; hair color, skin color,. so that are the info I need and I also will pick 3 winners and if they want to be a band members girl then you have to do the same instructions but you just need to also tell me witch boy and for the fun one I will be a trust person and trust someone for onec so you have to E-mail me for this prize so the gift is you parterning up with me and you will join in this book with me and you have to read what was wrote befor you and then you can just attach with something in common if you do not corroporat of handle this job im gonna give as an amazing aprotunity and im only gonna give the job to someone who write a good story i know that my first chapter was not as decent ok i will admit that but i just want to have an amazing book cause im just writing this for practice so i can write an pro book and proboly sent it to an publisher i want to be an auther if my sinfing carrer does not work out as well but im workin on it and here are the instructions: 1:E-mail me 2: make me an starter story that has to be 2 chapters an make an the beginning and ending make since (i want all the insructions im giving you to be emailed to me) 3: if you had experianc send me youe movealla of wattpad or whatever books you wrote to me (by E-mail) so that is all of my insructions so plz enter so byee i will not update today but weekend i had to sneek on my computer in the middle of the night to tell you this so i will cheak mt email but plz tell your friends and others to cheak this out so byee i want this book to go far that is why i am telling you this BYEEE- Jazmine loovies you are beautiful haters gonna hate byeee for the third time haha

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