Why did you Leave me?? (harry fanfiction)

Hi, My name is Jazmine and I love to sing and Dance and I use to be friends with harry styles yes the harry that is a one night stand and heart throb and so called cheater but here is my story and how I can tell you who he was before he was on the x-factor


6. 5 moths later


I wake up on a weekend and I get up early so I can get get ready for work with harry then i get in my car and drive to the bakery me and harry almost got fired from the time we had our first kiss we did not call in and i am gonna tell you history past the awesome 5 months 1.me and harry had our first make out session yesterday and it was magical and that was all really and um yeh amd um me and harry are strongly on love now so nothing will tear us so yeah


A/N sorry but my laptop is dying!!!!! :( and this sucked i know!!!!

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