Why did you Leave me?? (harry fanfiction)

Hi, My name is Jazmine and I love to sing and Dance and I use to be friends with harry styles yes the harry that is a one night stand and heart throb and so called cheater but here is my story and how I can tell you who he was before he was on the x-factor


2. 3 Years ago


congratulations you 2 got the job I was so happy me and harry got the job we needed the job cause we had to pay for our cars and when we go to collage next year we got a job at homes chaple's favorite bakery you hugged harry very tight cause you were so happy then harry said while you guys were hugging "oh my god Jazzy I can not breath" you let go then harry let out a sigh cause he could finally breath you then giggled a bit and then said "sorry I was just so happy" then you looked at your watch and the time was 3:30 pm then you told harry that you have to go home cause it was 3 hours away from dinner then he said "OK" then you guys went out of the owners office and hen you hugged harry one more time then you told him "Good Bye" then you got in your and drove to your home...


When you got home you yelled "mummy I'm home" she then yelled "hello my princess" you then giggled and went up to your room and got in the shower and then you cheaked your phone and you saw that you had 1 new text and it was from Harry it said "hey beautiful I was wondering if you whould like to go to dinner tomorrow after school??" you left an reply saying "ok let me tell my mum that I will not be at dinner tomorrow" he then left an reply saying if you guys can do to the beach to look at the sunset" you left an reply saying "ok I'm glad you did accept" you then lay in bed thinking about you and Harry's date tomorrow until you slowly drifted in to a deep sleep then you woke up due to your mom shaking you half to death telling you to get up you got up and went down stairs and you ate some pizza and pasta for dinner you then told your mom about the date she then agreed that you can go on the date with harry scince you are 16 years old and you do like harry and he likes you very dearly you then got a text from harry saying "hey beautiful the owner forgot to tell us our when is our first day and he just texted me our first day and it is tomorrow at 8:35 hope to see you there xx- Harbear " you then left a reply saying "ok I will be there to help open up the shop with you xx -JAZZYPOP! " he then left a reply saying "haha JAZZYPOP! funny name!!

ok you guys this is my first book and I will try my hardest to update tomorrow and I put as much as I could in this chapter I did not copy this was all my imagination and my thots and if you did not like the story then don't comment your shit I don't wanna read it cause I wont GIVE A FUCK AT ALL SO WHAT IS THE POINT!! sorry but excuse my innapropiat language - Jazmine

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