you're perfect to me... niall fanfiction

she is a famous singer her name is Gabby woods,
when she found out that her boyfriend josh is cheating on her....
she run away and went to the forest
Gabby is always go to the forest if she is sad,angry or if she needs to be alone.

but when she heard a footsteps coming to her, what will she think?
is he a murderer, a rapist or just niall from the band one direction..

if you want to know whats next,
read this story. thankyou
i hope you like it. XOXO


8. we have a problem

Gabby's POV 

i woke up by someone shaking me,"gabby honey wake up sam wants to talk to you".. it's mom..."gabby wake up"...i groaned back to sleep again..."GABBY WOODS!", mom warned me....

i rubbed my eyes,yawn and sat up..."where is he" i asked..."sam is in the living room get up move move" said 

"i will be there in a minute" i said, she nodded and leave my room...i stand up and went to the bathroom. and took a quick shower, wrap a towel in my body and went to my closet, took my black high waist shorts, a white tank top and my black flips flops since i'm just gonna talk to sam and i don't feel to go out.....

i came out and walk to the living room and i saw sam talking to dad, i wonder what dad and sam are talking...i walk towards them and sat beside sam..."oh here is my favorite rock star" my dad said..i just laugh and turn to face sam..."so sam what do you want to talk about?" i asked, "well gabby we have a problem, i thought that your concert in here are the last, but not,and your concert is not yours only,you will have a concert together with, one direction he said smiling  "great! when?" i asked smiling like an idiot.."well you're concert in canada is april 14, and you will be leaving tomorrow so you have to packed your things" he said "ohh" i said, "well i have to packed" i said standing up...

Niall's POV

me and the boys are now watching paranormal activity 4, the movie is about to finish, when simon turn off the tv..."what the hell" louis said, "boys packed your things we are going to canada", we all looked at each and look at simon again "why?" i asked eating a chips, "because gabby woods are having a concert and her manager sam think that he will share a concert with a famous singer so, sam picked one direction" he said ...i look at the other boys they are all smiling because we are gabby's fan...i cannot believe that we are gonna have a concert together with gabby woods or "the rock star"......

Harry's POV

i cannot believe what simon said, we are really shocked because, well, we are really a fan of gabby, she is cool and i think she is nice too, i'm really excited to see her,

and i know that niall like her because the way she talked about that day when niall found her in the  forest....., but i think she will be mine, i will be the one who take the move first before niall, i don't want to break our friendship......., but i just want gabby to be mine..

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