you're perfect to me... niall fanfiction

she is a famous singer her name is Gabby woods,
when she found out that her boyfriend josh is cheating on her....
she run away and went to the forest
Gabby is always go to the forest if she is sad,angry or if she needs to be alone.

but when she heard a footsteps coming to her, what will she think?
is he a murderer, a rapist or just niall from the band one direction..

if you want to know whats next,
read this story. thankyou
i hope you like it. XOXO


5. starbucks

Gabby's POV

i woke up, feel lazy and hungry.. "WTF! why am i super hungry?" i mumble, i feel like i can eat a whole menu in the mcdonalds, hahaha...i sat up rubbing my eyes and some stretching..i get up and all of a sudden, the memories yesterday in the mcdonalds are in my head now, "i didn't eat because of my fans" my tummy growls again.."i will eat after i take shower" i said to my self....

after take a shower,i walk to my closet and look for my clothes.. i got a black jeans, a black shirt and a black converse..i really like black color, "i'm a rock star" i said... after it i brush my hair and dry it.. i walked to my make up, some of foundation, mascara, and  eye liner... i don't need a lipstick because my lips is pink... i came out of my room and to my surprise my brother eating my mcdonalds "sorry my little sis i'm really hungry" said my brother "why don't you go buy your own food?" i asked

"i'm really lazy today to go outside" i'm really sorry gab (shortcut for gabby) mattew said..

"it's okay, i will just go to the starbucks to by my food", "do you need anything" i asked

"no it's okay i'm really full too, thankyou lil sis"... i laugh

"one more question"i said, "yeah?" he said, "wheres mom and dad?" i asked..he just shrug "i don't know i woke up mom and dad is gone" he said, i nodded...."well tell mom and dad i'm just in the starbucks" he nodded...

i took my car key, and went down to the lobby, i came outside and saw my car "it's black too" 


*after 5 minuets*

i park my car and walk inside the starbucks, i went to the line "hi mam what can i take for you" the cashier girl said.. "can i take a Slow-Roasted Ham & Swiss Breakfast Sandwich and caramel frappuccino" she nodded, i handed him a $ 100 bill and "keep the cash" i said...

i went to the tables nearby in the window and in  2 or 3 minuets my order are ready, they put in the table and i start to eat i'm really hungry, i remember josh (my boyfriend if you don't remember) i stop eating and call josh

(g-gabby, josh-j)

ring ring ring 

j-hey babe!

g-hey babe, what are you doing? i asked

j-just doing my thing paintings for my exhibit, babe i'm really sorry for not attending your concert yesterday, you know i'm really busy.. sorry babe

g-it's okay besides i have 3 weeks vacation, so we can have time together

j-cool babe, so i'll see u later

g-yeah, okay bye i love you 

j-love you too babe 


i end the call and continue eating, i saw a guy open the door, hand in hand with the girl beside her, they are walking towards the counter but he look familiar to me...

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