you're perfect to me... niall fanfiction

she is a famous singer her name is Gabby woods,
when she found out that her boyfriend josh is cheating on her....
she run away and went to the forest
Gabby is always go to the forest if she is sad,angry or if she needs to be alone.

but when she heard a footsteps coming to her, what will she think?
is he a murderer, a rapist or just niall from the band one direction..

if you want to know whats next,
read this story. thankyou
i hope you like it. XOXO


11. rehearsal

Harry's POV

after sam told me that i'm going to stay in gabby's room,i feel so lucky.. you know why? because gabby didn't share her room to anyone, well except for her family, but still i'm lucky..

sam told me about gabby... gabby don't like tomatoes,she likes to draw and paint, she is going to be mad if you prank her and the last is gabby don't like to wear a pink dress, tshirt or any clothes that pink on it, because she is not all girly girly thing...

i went to our room and i saw gabby asleep and she looks peaceful, i walk towards my bedroom and laid my suitcase in the floor and kneel down to open it and i quickly took my boxer and a plain white shirt and change my clothes and lie down my bed until the black came into view..


Gabby's POV 

i open my eyes to see harry looking at me worried, "oh god gabby, i'm so glad you wake up" he said and before i speak, harry hug me not just a hug but a, protective hug, "i'm so worried about you, because you're having a bad dream, i can tell because you're talking to yourself and you're crying" he said sitting beside me, " i uhh i yeah i have a bad dream, but it's okay, i'm okay now right?" i said, he only just nodded and stood up from the bed, "well gabby, you should be ready in 30 minutes because We go to the stadium to rehears our concert" he said but before i stand up, harry give me a kiss in the forehead, hug me again and gave me a big smile...

i want  to tell harry about my dream but it's really hard because, one time i told my nightmare to josh and i burst out crying, i don't want to cry in front if harry.. 

so i just stood up from bed and walk towards to the bathroom, after it i walk to my closet and chose my black sweatshirt since it's getting cold outside and my black jeans and my black toms, quickly brush my hair and put some, foundation and eyeliner..


Harry's POV

i woke up by the sound of gabby, she is talking to herself and i know that she is having a nightmare by her crying and saying that "it's not her fault", i don't know what is happening to her, so i decide to stood up and walk towards to gabby's bed, i don't want to wake her up but she is having a nightmare, i share her shoulder but it didn't work so, i decided to shake her a little bit hard but it's not working either, so i kneel beside her bed and whisper things to her like "it's going to be okay gabby" 'i'm here to protect you" after i did that to her she woke up...

 "oh god gabby, i'm so glad you wake up" i said and before she speaks i hug her but not just any hug, a hug that i can protect her..and that i cut her again from speaking "i'm so worried about you, because you're having a bad dream, i can tell because you're talking to yourself and you're crying" i said and sit beside her " i uhh i yeah i have a bad dream, but it's okay, i'm okay now right?" she said but i know  there something that she didn't tell me, but i don't want to push her some things that she didn't want to talk,so i just nodded  and speak again

"well gabby, you should be ready in 30 minutes because We go to the stadium to rehears our concert" i said and kiss her forehead to know that she is safe now.. 

Niall's POV

me and the boys waited in the lobby to wait for gabby to show up, i walk towards to harry and sit beside her, i look at him and he is biting her nails and i know he is thinking something, "are you okay?" i ask her, he stop biting her nails and looks up at me and he just shrug, but before i speak again he cut me "niall, can i told you something?"

harry said and i just simply nodded "well before i came down  in here in the lobby i heard gabby talking to herself and crying"he said looking worried and now i'm looking worried at her and gabby "what is she saying?" i ask 

"well niall,she said like "it's not my fault" "i'm so sorry" she repeat it and crying" harry said.. "well harry i think there something wrong about gabby" i said, "yeah i can tell too, i want to ask her about that little while ago but i don't want to push her and be mad at me" he said looking down..


***in the stadium***

(well i want to make sam pov so here it is)


after one fucking  hour, gabby is not doing well on her songs, she is trying about 30 times today.. there something wrong about her and i need to now it,

i went to the backstage where the boys are eating,and to my surprise the boys are playing food fight, i didn't know the boys are childish, i just fake cough and all their heads turn to my direction and drop the food, "okay tell me the truth, what happen to gabby harry?" i said not wasting my time to take it any longer, i love gabby and i want to know what is happening..."i uhh sam i uh" harry starting to being nervous, "answer me harry" i said with angry face.. harry sigh before he talk "this morning after i pack my things before i go down to the lobby, gabby had a nightmare , she said "i'm so sorry" and "it's not my fault" i don't know what is wrong, i want to know what is her nightmare but she didn't answer me and i don't want to push her is she don't want to tell me" harry in sad tone, i just nodded, and i knew it that gabby had a problem, "okay thankyou harry, you boys do what you're doing, i'm just going to talk to gabby" i said about to leave but harry grab my wrist "can i come?" harry said with pleading eyes, i nodded


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