you're perfect to me... niall fanfiction

she is a famous singer her name is Gabby woods,
when she found out that her boyfriend josh is cheating on her....
she run away and went to the forest
Gabby is always go to the forest if she is sad,angry or if she needs to be alone.

but when she heard a footsteps coming to her, what will she think?
is he a murderer, a rapist or just niall from the band one direction..

if you want to know whats next,
read this story. thankyou
i hope you like it. XOXO


1. i'm gabby woods

Gabby's POV

hey my name is gabby woods, my height is 5'7 i'm 20 years old, i have a blue eyes, blond hair and vanilla skin.... yeah vanilla i'm really white girl.

i'm a famous singer, i have a album the name is hunted,rock you and paralyze...

my parants name is, jorge woods and scarlette woods. i have a sibling... her name is mattew woods he is 25.. 

my favorite color is black,red and blue...all of my clothes are black t-shirt and black jeans and some of red and blue jeans....

i like to play electric guitar and piano....i like to draw some nature and like paint too.. 

my manager's name is sam lopez, i  really love sam, he is like my second father if i'm in the tour, if i have a boyfriend, i always listen to her advice...

and my second mom is marcy ladell she is my make up artist,cool person and she is 25 years old like my brother.... she is like sam always giving me an advice. i really love her too..

and the last is my boyfriend

he is josh chance, he is 5'7 also....he is 23 years old.... also a photographer and a painter

josh have a star tattoo on her wrist and have my name in the middle of the star... cool right


plsss. like,fav.and fan

love you all 

i will update it soon :)

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