you're perfect to me... niall fanfiction

she is a famous singer her name is Gabby woods,
when she found out that her boyfriend josh is cheating on her....
she run away and went to the forest
Gabby is always go to the forest if she is sad,angry or if she needs to be alone.

but when she heard a footsteps coming to her, what will she think?
is he a murderer, a rapist or just niall from the band one direction..

if you want to know whats next,
read this story. thankyou
i hope you like it. XOXO


7. forest

Gabby's POV

it really hurts me, i drive to my favorite forest..... when i got there i walk to the pat that leads to the little river , i sat on the bench and start to cry, "why did he do this to me, he can tell me if he want to break up with me" i say to my self, fuck!! i hate you!! i yelled..after a 5 minutes crying, i took my phone in my pocket.. i unlock it and i have a 5 message from josh 

 i open the message from my ex boyfriend..."plss don't cry gabby it's just a text" i mumble to myself

from josh: hey gabby i'm really i cheated on you

from josh: i'm really sorry gabby

from josh:i hope you can forgive me

from josh:gabby plss, text me back, i love you 

from josh: txt bck babe plss. 

i can't hold it anymore, my tears falling really fast, i can't forgive him like that... he cheated on me, and he lied to me..

i stay i'm about to leave but,i heard a footsteps coming over here, i stood up and look around... i'm really scared right now "what if he is a murderer or a rapist" i say in my mind....i laid my back on the tree near in the bench, hugging my legs and head down the footsteps are gone,i slowly look back and i saw a man standing..

god why is so dark in here....right the trees covered the sun..but there's some of  little lights

"hey" he said walking towards me "pls.. don't hurt me, plss i begged you" i begged her and crying again.."hurt you?" he said look confuse, i stood up  and now i'm standing, i didn't leave the tree,"you mean your not gonna hurt me?" i asked.. "why will i hurt you?" he replied "because i thought you are a rapist or a murderer" i said

"haha i'm not a rapist or a murderer did you know who i'am?" he asked,i shrug, "i can't see you....your in the dark step closer and stop in the lights" i asked her... he did what i say and i look at her, he have a dark blond hair, blue eyes and he is wearing a black jeans and blue shirt...

i realize that... that is niall horan from the band one direction..."hey sorry i thought you are rapist or whatever" i said "it's okay" he replied, i saw her walking towards me 

"so why a rocks star doing here?" he asked, "i uhm...uhmm.. i went in here because i'm thinking" i lied..wiping my tears "c'mon don't lie to me i heard you yelled you said "fuck and i hate you"....."you heard that your here listening to me?" i asked her "yeah kinda" he smile and a little smile came from my face.. 

i took my phone and pretending that there's an amergency text "ohh shit" i said "what happen" he said, "nice to meet you niall but i have to go my mom is in the hospital, sorry niall maybe i will see you soon bye" i said walking towards my car but, niall grab my wrist and turn me around.."i know we only met but can i get your number?" he asked, "yeah sure" i said, i took her phone and start typing my number and typing my name "rock star" and save... "here" i handed her phone back "bye niall see u soon" i said "bye gabby" he said 

i went towards my car and drive to the hotel...

(btw gabby is from london)

Niall's POV 

after i talk to gabby the rocks star, i walk to the flat that the boys and i are staying. it's like 5 minutes walk, i open the door and walk to the living room, the boys are watching toy story and eating a pizza, "hey where have you been" harry say.. "to the park, why?" i asked, "nothing" harry say smiling and back to their watching...i sat on the couch between zayn and liam, i can't stop smiling and i can't stop thinking about gabby....

 maybe i like her.. i say to myself

"what are you thinking and why are smiling?" liam said, looking at me like i'm crazy "ohh it's nothing" i replied, "do you want pizza we can give you one" louis said smiling "no it's fine i'm not hungry" i said...they look at each other and look confuse "niall are ok" harry said smiling... "yeah i'm fine why?" i asked her, "niall you always hungry" harry said laughing and the boys nodded... 

"what's wrong niall" liam said smiling.. "well i met gabby in the park little while ago." i said smiling .... "wait gabby woods? the rock star?" harry say, i nodded.."is she hot?" zayn said, "yeah she is hot and cool" i said "and i have her number" i said smiling.."we should meet her were fans" louis say, they all nodded..."maybe i should text her" i said they all nodded and smiling like an idiots....."but not today" i said, they all pout like a baby.. and i laugh..

Gabby's POV

i park the car and walk towards the elevator and walk to my room, i saw mom laying in couch... "hey mom" i said kissing her cheek "hey sweetheart, how ar--.... she cut herself when she saw my face,"what happen to you, are you okay?" mom asked, "yeah i'm fine mom" i said... " no your not fine you cried, what happen" she asked me again and she sit....i hug her and crying again "mom josh cheated on me" i said still not breaking the hug "it's okay honey" she said rubbing my back... 

"mom what do you wa---.... gabby is that you?" i heard mattew said walking towards us... i look at her and he is shocked, i just hug her "josh cheated on me" i said "that asshole will be dead" mattew said rubbing my back to calm me down.."c'mon you need to wash your face and just laid in the bed for awhile" dad and i are cooking i will take your food in your room okay, he said i nodded... i came to my room and walk to the bathroom i look at my face, my eyeliner are spread in my face.. i wash my face and leave the bathroom....

i laid in my bed, stared at the ceiling after 10 minutes of staring i black out...

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