you're perfect to me... niall fanfiction

she is a famous singer her name is Gabby woods,
when she found out that her boyfriend josh is cheating on her....
she run away and went to the forest
Gabby is always go to the forest if she is sad,angry or if she needs to be alone.

but when she heard a footsteps coming to her, what will she think?
is he a murderer, a rapist or just niall from the band one direction..

if you want to know whats next,
read this story. thankyou
i hope you like it. XOXO


10. canada

Gabby's POV

here we are in the canada, we are about to go to the stadium but sam said we should go to hotel so we should just rest for a minute,we are in the van going to the hotel, none of us talk because we are really tired, the boys are asleep and marcy is talking to her husband in the phone and sam is... tired he is driving and the looks on her face is just, he needs to sleep..and me i'm actually not really tired...

i move forward to talk to sam "hey sam?" i said, i want to laugh at her face he is so tired her eyelids is going down but i do the other way not to laugh, "hmm" sam replied with yawn.. "sam i think you should stop the van and let me drive, because you're tired" i said with a concern look, "gab, i'm okay i can drive, just rest in there", he said "no sam, you are really tired, just let me drive plss" i gave him a puppy dog eyes...

i wait for a second before he sighed and nodded.. he stop the car and i open the door, and we exchange hug and sam whisper a thank you to me and i nodded, i look to see marcy is asleep and her phone is in her hand i took it and tuck it in my pocket.."okay sam just sleep and i will wake you up if we arrived in the hotel, he nodded

***30 minutes later***

we are currently in the hotel and me and the boys sitting in the couch and sam and marcy is in the front desk to get our keys, i forgot that i didn;t open my phone in 7 hours so i decided to open it,

to my surprise i have a 20 miscalls and all from josh, i delete it and went to my twitter, all of my notification is all of my fans begging me to follow them back so decided to follow some of them... and tweet


@gabbywoods hey guys!! i'm here in canada with one direction see u guys in concert :), tweet it and before i close my phone i have a thousand notification some of them is "see u too" and "we love you's"

after i read it sam handed me a key card i get the big room because, that is the one of my rules that  if we go to the hotel i will get the biggest room, if the biggest room is taken we go to another hotel haha wow me "you're lucky that the biggest room in here is not taken" sam said with a smile on her face.. "yeah i'm lucky because if we don't get the biggest room we are gonna go to another hotel" i look to the boys and they all confuse, niall is gonna ask something but sam cut her.. "gabby here is have a rule if she didn't get the biggest room then we will go to another hotel until we get the biggest room" sam said

 "oh" they all said in disbelieve "okay see u guys tomorrow" i said i'm in the front door of my room and the boys too, they all nodded but before i slide my key card sam grabbed my wrist i look at him confuse "what?" i said "gabby sorry to say but can you do me a favor? you have to share your room because i only got 4 rooms and the room are only have 2 beds that's why you have to share your room" sam said in sad tone, he knows that i don't like to share my room, but since this is the first time he gave me a favor then i will do it, "okay" i said with a smile on my face, 

"really?" sam said in disbelieve tone, i nodded "so, who is the one who will stay in my room" i asked, "uhmm it's harry" sam said, "okay cool talk to him i will just get inside to change" i said he nodded and walk away.. 

i slide my key card and carry my suitcase and went to my bed and laid my bag, i decided to pick my black pajama, black tank top and my pair of black bra and panties, i went to the bathroom and started to removed  my clothes after it i felt the hot water drop on my skin and i fell relax

after my shower i put my clothes and went outside and towards my bed and lie down sleep..



sorry for not uploading 

this is the new chapter hope you like it :)

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