you're perfect to me... niall fanfiction

she is a famous singer her name is Gabby woods,
when she found out that her boyfriend josh is cheating on her....
she run away and went to the forest
Gabby is always go to the forest if she is sad,angry or if she needs to be alone.

but when she heard a footsteps coming to her, what will she think?
is he a murderer, a rapist or just niall from the band one direction..

if you want to know whats next,
read this story. thankyou
i hope you like it. XOXO


13. author's note

hey! i wanted to thankyou all the people who read my story, i know it's kinda like really long time that i update, but i will do my best to write another chapter..i love you guys.

and please read my other story it's "my only chef" and "you and i" :) 

i hope you guys like it XD..

fav or if you want to comment just comment and fan..

stay pretty and fab love you all

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