The Projects: Escape *ON HOLD*

Sometimes I wish that I don't have powers, but sometimes things don't work out as you wish. I am Sky Gordon, this is my story and it all started with someone asking me to help them. With my older brother and my best friend at my side we can escape. Book One of the The Projects Trilogy *This movella is being put on hold because I have to finish my other movella*


3. Supplies of a Kelosaarc



The next day became a drag. We didn't go outside anymore because of the stupid government said that it attracts attention to the place. I walked down the hall to the main doors to meet the mysterious guy. As I walked to the main door I felt as if I was being watched. I turned around to see Will and Greg.

"Sky where are you going?" Greg asked.

"To meet the guy who gave me the letter. You guys could come if you want." I said and continued walking.  I guess they tagged along since there was nothing else to do. The mysterious guy came.

"You guys did well on your first task. Here's your second task. Don't ask what it is. You'll find out sooner or later." He handed me a cube and said nothing more as he left in the shadows. The three of us were left with a cube.


Luckily no one saw me carrying the cube into my room. I hid it in with the supplies when someone knocked on the door. I quickly placed the tile in it's spot and opened the door. A woman entered the room.

"I'm sorry, but who are you?" I asked her.

"I'm Mrs. Carter, you are?"

"Sky Gordon." I said.

"No. I mean your number."

"Project Three." She walked around the room for a while and stopped.

"Are you hiding something?" She asked.

"No . . . I'm not hiding anything." I answered quietly. She looked around the room for a bit and walked out the door. At least she didn't know about the supplies or the cube. I thought. I locked the door and took out the cube to look at it again. I traced the grey markings and it reached the center. I opened the center of the cube and the it went flat. Paper was just in the middle. I picked it up and unfolded it. There was very weird writing written on it. I put the piece of paper in pocket and put the cube or the flattened cube back under the floor.

"It's time for lunch." The woman said through the intercom. I walked to the cafeteria and Mrs. Carter was there talking to one of the Kelosaarcs. I went and sat down next to Will.

"Will where is Greg?"



Greg came back.

"Who's he lady talking to the Kelosaarc?" Greg questioned while sitting down next to me.

"That lady is Mrs. Carter." I answered.

"The president's wife?" Will said acting surprised.

"She's the president's wife?" I asked.

"You never knew." Greg said while drinking some chocolate milk.

"No. She came into my room like I was hiding something. Even though I was." I said.

"Attention! Lady Carter will speak to you now." The Kelosaarc said. She said some stuff about the food, the rooms, and the outside, but nothing really that interesting. When I went back to my room the tiles were taken from there stuff and the supplies were gone. I went to Will's room Kelosaarc took my arm. He had taken me to the main doors. He pushed in the code and the doors opened. We walked through the hall and I saw Mrs. Carter.

"Project Three. We've found these supplies under the floor in your room. Would you care to explain." I didn't know how to answer. I just stood there not saying anything. I was standing there just thinking that I was caught. 

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