The Projects: Escape *ON HOLD*

Sometimes I wish that I don't have powers, but sometimes things don't work out as you wish. I am Sky Gordon, this is my story and it all started with someone asking me to help them. With my older brother and my best friend at my side we can escape. Book One of the The Projects Trilogy *This movella is being put on hold because I have to finish my other movella*


1. Project Three



I am Project Three as the scientists call me, but that is not my name. My parents, before the government took me, named me Sky, Sky Gordon.

There are about fifty Projects in the building. My cousin was the first project, but died in an accident or something. My older brother, Will, is Project Two so I always get to see him. Project Four, Greg, is my best friend. I am fifteen years old with a dream to escape this place. My power is that I have visions about the past and future. Will has a power to levitate objects and Greg's power is to read minds. Will is seventeen while Greg is the same age as me. We want to escape, but when someone tries to escape they get electrocuted by the Kelosaarcs. They are the guards who let the people go in and get out from here. 

Project Zero was the only person to escape this horrible place and his name was Othedus Sarum. A weird name I know, but that was his fake name. No one ever knew his real name, well only the government knows.

I was taken from the government nine years ago. When I was six I told my parents that I can see what was happening next and what happened before. It turns out that the government was watching us with cameras and took me away. My brother was taken away when he was six like me. There are some kids that are younger than six. Some are even a month old. At least they allow the mothers to stay with their children.

It was lunch. This is my favorite time because everyday at lunch we can call our parents by a Holo Graphic Call(er or ing). For short it is called H.G.C. I sat down in the middle of Will and Greg. Will called our parents and then the screen popped up. Will talked while I took a bite out of my sandwich. 

"Sky don't eat too fast, or you will choke." Mom said.

I swallowed the sandwich and said, "Okay mom." 

"Greg, your mother said that she is fine and will be staying with us when she gets back from the war." Dad said. 

"Okay thanks for the info, Mr. Gordon." We talked some more with them, until lunch was over.


I sat down in my bed thinking of what to do. A Kelosaarc opened the door.

"Miss. Gordon you are needed in the main room." He said in a robotic voice. I nodded and followed him through the halls. We got to the door. A vision came to me. Something bad was going to happen in there. 

"I need to use the bathroom, sir." 

"Okay, just use the one over there." He went back pressing the code for the door to open. Seven, zero, five, three. I went to the bathroom waiting for him to yell. Five more minutes. I thought. Just five more minutes. I walked back and forth closing my eyes. I heard him yell and someone then running. I opened the door and saw the main doors were still closed. The killer was here. He is on our side, but he doesn't trust any one. I looked at the Kelosaarc. His face was covered in blood. His electrocuting weapon wasn't in his hand any more. The Kelosaarc was now dead. I ran back to my room to hide.

"It won't be my fault. It would be his." I said to myself.


It was the next day and I told Will and Greg. I didn't tell them about the killer though. 

"It wasn't your fault, Sky." Greg said. I nodded. 

"Do you sometimes wish that you never had powers?" I asked them both. 

"Well, yeah. Sometimes when things go wrong." Will said. I walked back go my room. The door slid closed and I locked it. 

"Lights out." The woman said through the intercom. The room went dark. I finally went to sleep. 


Boom! I woke up and looked at the door. A man walked in.

"Who are you?" I asked softly.

"I'm no one you need to know yet. Now you need to help me get everyone to escape." 


Hello, Ellie here! I hope you guys like this movella I made! Please like, favorite, and also comment. Have a nice day!

~ Ellie

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