The Projects: Escape *ON HOLD*

Sometimes I wish that I don't have powers, but sometimes things don't work out as you wish. I am Sky Gordon, this is my story and it all started with someone asking me to help them. With my older brother and my best friend at my side we can escape. Book One of the The Projects Trilogy *This movella is being put on hold because I have to finish my other movella*


5. Maps



I woke up and yawned. I unraveled the cube from below ground and looked at it again.

Kevin came down.

"Where did you get that?" He asked.

"Someone gave to me." I said as I pressed the button. The map popped up and I looked at it.


Minutes past and I said.

"Hey, Kevin."


"You should stop the Kelosaarc that is going to kill that man." I said pointing to the man in the cell next to me.


"Because you were ordered to kill him yesterday and you didn't." The other Kelosaarc said.


"You have to leave. I was ordered to kill that man."

"I got this." Kevin said.

"But Mrs. Carter said that I had to kill him and why are you here anyway?"

A vision came to me.


Kevin tried to stop the Kelosaarc, but it just went past him.

"Stop! I was ordered to kill him first. Even if you have to kill him you can't." He said.

"Why not?"

"Well, because Mr. Carter wouldn't like that. Remember him?" He asked.

"No. Who is Mr. Carter?"

"He is Mrs. Carter's husband." Kevin answered.

"I will still kill him. There is no Mr. Carter. You are lying."


The vision ended. Something was missing, but I just can't see it.

"No. Who is Mr. Carter?"

"He is Mrs. Carter's husband." Kevin answered.

"I will still kill him. There is no Mr. Carter. You are lying."

The other Kelosaarc fired the gun and left. The man went to the ground. That was the part that was missing. The man being shot by the Kelosaarc.

"Kevin what did you do? You should has brought him to a room and shot him not in front of the Projects!" a Kelosaarc yelled.

"It wasn't me, Dave! It was the 2.0 Kelosaarc not me."

"Fine then your addressed to the killings now." Dave said.

"Dave just listen. I can't kill people!" Kevin said and left.

"Who's Sky Gordon?" Dave asked. No one said anything not even me.

I hid the box under the blanket and grabbed the gun that the 2.0 Kelosaarc had.

"Who is Sky Gordon?" He asked again. The old woman raised her hand.

"I know who Sky Gordon is."

"Then who is she?"

"She's going to kill you. It's for your own good, dearie." She nodded. I stood up and pointed the gun at him.

"Give her the keys." I said.

"Why?" He questioned.

"Because if you don't I'll shoot you." I threatened. He gave the keys to the old lady, and then turned to me.

"You're not going to shoot me right?" he chuckled.

"Why do ask so many questions?" I tossed the gun to an older guy and he shot Dave. The old lady gave me the keys and I unlocked my cell and the others.

The man dragged Dave into my cell and placed the blanket over him. Kevin and some other Kelosaarcs came down.

"Sorry, we kind of killed Dave." The old lady said.

"That's okay. We hated him any ways." Kevin said.


"So what's the plan?" I asked Kevin.

"Well," He took out some maps. "We would have to save the Projects by order. There are three levels here." He said pointing to a diagram of the building.

I looked at the other maps.

"So the older Projects are up there?" The old lady asked. Kevin nodded.

"Okay, some of the Kelosaarcs will go up to the third and second floor while you guys stay on the first floor."

"What are we going to do?"

"Get people to know that the 2.0 Kelosaarcs were not only built not by Mr. Carter, but they were built by Mrs. Carter under command." I nodded.

I led the other Projects upstairs to the hall. We were holding the electrocuting weapons while the older guy named John, who shot Dave was holding the gun.

The Projects were done lunch by now.

"Will! Greg!" I whispered. They turned around and came to me.

"Sky!" Will pulled me into a tight hug.
"I need your help. Go to the other Projects and tell them that the 2.0 Kelosaarcs are actually under Mrs. Carter's control not Mr. Carter." They nodded and started making their way down the hall.


Sorry for not updated for so long! I was working on some other stories and I also writers block for this chapter. So I hope you love this chapter, please like, favorite, and also comment! Thank you and have a nice day!

~ Ellie Melton

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