The Projects: Escape *ON HOLD*

Sometimes I wish that I don't have powers, but sometimes things don't work out as you wish. I am Sky Gordon, this is my story and it all started with someone asking me to help them. With my older brother and my best friend at my side we can escape. Book One of the The Projects Trilogy *This movella is being put on hold because I have to finish my other movella*


4. Caught



"Project Three answer me! Why were these supplies found in your room?"

"I-I-I don't know." I said.

"I was a project once, until I met Mr. Carter. I know that your lying." She said. The Kelosaarcs fled the room to continue working. She was right. I was lying, but I have to get the Projects to escape. I thought and said.

"I'm not lying and if you were once a Project have you ever been outside?" I asked.

"That's none of your business. I'm asking the questions here." She laughed, "Nice try though. You take her to the dungeon and this man needs to be shot."

"I thought bullets were extinct." I said.

"Then how do you explain the same fate that your going to have?" I kept my mouh shut and watched as Mrs. Carter walked away.

"Come on." The Kelosaarc ordered.

"Your not speaking in a robotic voice." I said.

"I'm not and why do you say that?" He asked.

"Because most of the Kelosaarcs here have robotic voices."

"Oh, you mean those Kelosaarcs. Their the 'upgraded' version of us." We continued walking down the hall.

"So why do they still have the ones without the robotic voice still?"

"They were low on staff so they kept us to do the killing not the guarding." He unlocked the door.

"Go." I went down the steps. We walked down a hall aligned with numerous cells. They were the other Projects that we never saw. 

"In here." He closed the cell. I could see sadness in his eyes.

"You lost someone didn't you?"

"How did you know that?"

"I could see the past and future." I said.

"Oh, I forgot that Projects have abilities." I sat down.

"You lost your best friend in a fight." I said. He nodded. The other Projects were silent and were listening to our conversation.

"What was the fight about?" I asked.

"While they were making the upgraded Kelosaarcs there was a fight. A fight for not losing our jobs as guards." He paused and sat down also. "Back then we didn't kill anyone because Mr. Carter didn't want anyone to die. He lets the Projects outside many times and we didn't have these weapons back then." He said holding the electrocuted staff.

"So when Mr. Carter married Mrs. Carter everything changed?" a guy questioned. The Kelosaarc nodded.

"What's your name anyway." A woman asked.

"Kevin." The Kelosaarc answered. The woman then said.

"Is that guy supposed to be dead by now?" She said pointing to the guy in he cell next to me.

"Hey that's mean."

"Yeah, but I don't want to kill anyone." Everyone in the dungeon started having a conversation with, well every one. Kevin left before he locked the gate and said bye to the rest of the



At night it was cold. Two people came in holding a handful of blankets. I recognized one of them. The mysterious guy. He came to my cell.

"Here's another cube for the one you lost." He tossed me a blanket with cube was wrapped inside it. He vanished and the Kelosaarc went out. I unwrapped the blanket and the cube was the exact same as the other one. Every one was asleep so I opened the cube. Empty. I remembered the piece of paper. I placed the paper in the cube and a hologram of a map popped up. Everyone started waking up and looked at me.

"How did you get that? Only the rich have it." The guy said.

"What's your name dearie?" An old woman asked.

"Sky Gordon." Some people gasped.

"The prophecy was correct." she said.

"What prophecy?" I asked still staring at the hologram.

"The prophecy states that and girl named Sky will help us escape." The guy said.

"Is there anymore?"

"That's all we know." We all continued talking when a Kelosaarc told us to sleep from upstairs. I turned off the cube as I hid it under ground and finally went to sleep.


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