The Projects: Escape *ON HOLD*

Sometimes I wish that I don't have powers, but sometimes things don't work out as you wish. I am Sky Gordon, this is my story and it all started with someone asking me to help them. With my older brother and my best friend at my side we can escape. Book One of the The Projects Trilogy *This movella is being put on hold because I have to finish my other movella*


2. Accepting and Achieving



"Will you help me or not?" He asked again. I thought for a moment. 

"Okay I will help you, but can my brother and my best friend help?" 

"Yes. I will give you your first task tomorrow." He left. I got up and locked the door. 


It was morning. The Kelosaarc gave me a letter at lunch. Will tried calling mom and dad, but a screen popped up saying: Sorry. We are not home right now. Please call again later. Will turned the pod off and I started opening the letter. 

"Was this the guy you told us about who told you to help him?" Will questioned. 

"Yes it is." I unfolded the paper and set it on the table.


Your first task is easy. You just have to 

tell everyone that we are all going

to escape. You will need supplies

incase if things go wrong.

I am watching you guys. 


"Is that all?" Will asked. 

"I guess so." I said and placed the letter back inside the envelope. One of the scientist came in. 

"You are aloud to go outside today." Everyone cheered. We have never been outside since I was six. A vision came to me. 


"Should we tell them that we're going to escape?" Will questioned. 

"Yeah. The Kelosaarcs aren't looking so lets tell them quick." Greg and Will got up on a table and said.

"Everyone we are going to escape, but we need supplies." Greg said. 

"We need food, water, blankets, pillows, tents, medical kits, and weapons. Well if you can find weapons that could be useful!" Everyone walked away from Greg and Will two Kelosaarcs went behind them and then electrocuted them. 


The vision ended. I walked up to Will and Greg. 

"Lets not tell them that we're escaping right now." I said. They nodded in agreement, but I can tell that they were confused of why we can't tell everyone yet. The Kelosaarcs opened the doors. 

"Oh my." I heard a woman gasp. They grass was grey, the buildings were all white. Like a mental institute should be. Cars were hovering and there were no more animals, the air was even hard to breath. There were three swings and a slide. There was even a little tree house in the tree. The kids ran to the swings and the tree house. I looked up at the sky. The sky was covered with grey clouds. I walked up to a scientist.

"Yes, Project Three?" She questioned.

"Where is the sun?" I pointed up at the sky.

"There was never a sun, Project Three." I walked back to Will and Greg and sat in the middle of them. 

"Will." I said.

"Yes Sky?" 

"Was there ever a sun when you were little?" I asked. 

"Yeah there was, but then the government got to powerful and took the special ones here. They changed everything." He said. A little girl was chasing a ball, but it went through the fenced gate. Will got up and levitated the ball and then gave it back to her.

"Thanks mister." She ran back to her mother who was taking care of her little brother. She then pointed to Will. The mother whispered a 'thank you' to Will.


When the Kelosaarcs and the scientist left I whispered to the woman. 

"We are going to escape. Pass it on." Now everyone knows, except the government, the Kelosaarcs, and the scientist. Word passes on quick here. Next is to get supplies. At night I snuck out the door and walked to the supply closet. Which was easy to find because they put a sign in bold letters: SUPPLY CLOSET. As I took the supplies I had help from Will and Greg. We hid the Seven duffle bags under the floor in my room. 

"We finished the first task!" I whispered. The three of us high-fived each other and had a quiet cheer. 

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