The Secert

Running Away Milly and her twin run into harry styles who they were terrifed of but when he turns out to be nice will Milly and Myia let him help them and will he discover the secert that Milly has kept to herself all this time ? only time will tell


1. The Enemy ?

I got my wish the one I dreamed of from day one. But at what cost? My twin never shared the same enthusiasm as me until the day we found out the truth. The truth is harsh and cruel sometimes but never did we expect people we trusted with all our hearts to lie. They said it was for the best but we finally knew why we didn’t look like them talk like them or why we weren’t like them. We got pushed away from society everyone called us freaks we thought our ‘family’ weren’t like them but we were wrong. They got us to trust them then told us our whole life was lie.

So many thoughts were running through my brain as we walked into the train station I was on the verge of tears again. No not here I thought to myself, I need to be strong for Myia’s sake I looked at the floor I blinked the tears away suddenly I bumped into something hard and solid. As I muttered sorry under my breath I looked up into the greenest eyes I’ve ever seen ,I gasped remembering  my dreams those green eyes that haunted me boring into mine. I turned to see Myia talking the man who sold the tickets “I’m sorry but I must be going” I shouted over the noise of the London underground and spun on my heels and ran towards Myia I pulled her away into the lady’s toilets before whispering “he’s here” I saw her Blue eyes once sparkling turn dark and I saw fear seep into her eyes “where?” she asked her voice breaking “no we should of just stayed in Paris” she started sobbing hysterically “shhh” I muttered “we’re attracting attention it will be fine I promise but we need to leave London now, when is the next train we can afford ?” she looked at me with worry in her eyes “We can’t afford one until next week I booked our tickets but I never knew he would be here I’m so sorry” I felt myself start to break down ,I started hyperventilating and the last thing I saw where those green eyes before everything went black. 

Bright white lights were all I could see then I heard a deep voice that seemed familiar talking “Myia how many times do I need to tell you I won’t hurt you…” that’s all I could hear before someone interrupted him “she’s starting to wake up now” then I heard a door closing. I started to think about what that man said “I won’t hurt you?” wait Myia was here I started to look at my surroundings the walls were white and I was lying on what I think was a hospital bed. Wait a hospital? No I couldn’t stay here they would find me I sat up and placed my feet on the cool marble floor and tried to stand up but I fell over I waited for the crash but it never happened instead I felt a pair of strong arms pull me up to a hard ,muscular chest. I looked up to thank my saviour but instead I saw those eyes and screamed .Soon doctors and nurses were running into my room asking me questions but I just stared into space. I was being held to the chest of the person who I feared most who Myia was terrified of the one who haunted my nights, Harry Styles

I pushed him away and ran. As I pushed past all the nurses and doctors I could feel the heat rising through my body I ran faster and pushed open the doors I stopped and looked around, I saw an isolated beach a few minutes away so I ran towards it I could feel someone following me but I didn’t care as I stopped I let go of all the anger I had, as I did my whole body went up in flames. I heard a gasp but I didn’t care I let the flames extend from my body so I was now in a circle I sat down knowing that no one would get to me, I started to play around with my “gift” as Myia called it. I spread my fingers out and wiggled them before sending flames shooting out of them they flew up into the air before disappearing I started laughing and throwing balls up in the air and catching them before hurtling them towards the sea as they fell in I noticed that they were still glowing. Knowing that I would have to come out at some point I let it all drop.

“Milly” Myia shouted running towards me. she threw herself at me making me giggle “I thought you weren’t coming out for days remember last time ,Milly I was so scared that you wouldn’t come out at all ,Milly I thought you would leave me with them please Milly next time take me” she whispered into my ear before she was prised off me I looked at the floor knowing I was going to get a lecture about how dangerous fire was and how I could of burnt the beach or a forest or something like that I always did. ”Milly look at me” That voice that I heard in my room earlier said I shook my head and let a tear fall he bent down and whispered “are you crying” I shook my head knowing that it was a complete lie but I didn’t trust him and right now I was vulnerable and at my weakest so he could attack me at any moment like in those dreams. “can everyone just give us some space please?” harry asked I heard them leaving suddenly harry picked me up bridal style and pulled me close to him as I sobbed into his chest.” shhh it’s alright I’m not going to hurt you” he whispered whilst stroking my hair and at that moment I felt safe for the first time since I could remember but whilst  in the arms of my worst nightmare, the man who haunted me, my enemy.     

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