The Archer's Daughter

*WARNING there is some cussing but not much and there is some violence, but no drugs or anthing else, just people getting punched and shot at with arrows*
In Starling City there are now three heroes, Oliver, Roy and now Jade. Jade meets some new people and some old enemies resurface.


4. The Truth

I stand there, paralyzed with fear. I don't even feel Oliver place his hand on my shoulder. He whispers,"Act normal.". I give him a weird look, but am nearly tackled yet again by Shawna. "Jade! Jade! Guess what Thea, Roy and I saw while playing!" she exclaims, so I start guessing, "Does it have four legs?" she nods, "Does it have a cotton tail?" she nods again, "Does it like carrots?" she nods her head again really fast making me dizzy, Okay so it has four legs, a cotton/ bunny tail and likes carrots, Oliver and I say at the same time, "You saw a bunny.".

"Yes! Oh it was so cute!". I look at Roy and Thea then ask, "Did you think the bunny was cute.". Thea says "Yes" while Roy says with a laugh "No Comment" and gets elbowed in the ribs again by Thea, then he says, "Yes, it was kinda cute." then he looks at Thea and whispers, "Happy?", Thea nods. I whisper to Oliver, "Thea has a way with words, doesn't she?". He laughs. That's when Thea notices the counter top.

"What the hell happened?". Oliver begins to come up with an excuse when I say, "Oliver got mad is all. Something about a story he told me pissed him off. Everything's okay now.". Oliver notices how I emphasised "story" then says, "Yeah, I um , told her about the island and I um got mad.". Thea notices something 'bout me and Oliver, then she says ,"Oh my god! You like each other! You two like each other.". At the same time Oliver and I say, "No we don't.". I start blushing and Oliver's ears turn red, proving Thea's point, so Oliver finally says, "We like each other but WE'RE JUST FRIENDS, Thea." I add, "Nothing more, nothing less.". Oliver says, "So your Dad's in jail, your Mom's in an asylum, tell me more, Jade.".  

"The surgery I had was the same thing the government did to Wolverine in the Xmen comics," I'm interrupted by Roy saying/asking, "That shit's real?!?". I nod then continue, "After the "surgery", while Dad was in the recovery room with me, two police officers came in and arrested him. After Dad's arrest, Mom started going down hill mentally. About a week later some bad guys came looking for Dad, Shawna you were about six and I was sixteen, anyway the bad guys came looking for Dad and the money, I told them I didn't know where the effing, but the other word, money was and said that my Dad was in jail. I shut the door on them and then told Shawna and Mom to run, 'cause half a second later they broke the door down. I went to the gun cabinet and got Dad's shotgun, put two shotgun shells in and put about ten or twelve more in my jeans pocket, and waited for the stand off. I blew a hole in the floor, but I scared them. I think that's about the time Mom really went down hill mentally. She started having hallucinations, seeing our dead grandparents, and so on. I was the one that had her committed, That's when social services took Shawna from me. They said, "Either you go with her or  out in the streets to live." I chose option two, and there's something else..." before I look at everyone I look at Shawna and in her sweetest and bravest voice I had ever heard she says, "It's okay, you can tell them about Daddy." so I continue, "My..No OUR Father (I point one finger at me and another on my other hand at Shawna), was the original Archer. He wasn't from Starling City, he was born in Dallas, Texas.". The room fell to a deadly silence, as if we were waiting for someone. 

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